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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Criminal Girls, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, Dragon Age Inquisition & More!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of video game titles for less so you can play without all the pay! No dungeon is safe on this week's special!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons or free shipping with our Weekly Special offers.


PlayStation®Vita [Dungeon RPG]

Criminal Girls are bad news. So bad that they need rehabilitation by dungeon crawling through the Tower of Hell for the sake of reincarnation. So bad that they might not even listen to battle commands! These girls aren't your typical RPG team –they have minds of their own. To defeat the convicts doing their time in Hell's dungeons, you'll need to listen to your team's desires, and choose your path to victory from the ever-evolving repertoire of skills, spells, and combo attacks that they want to use.

But what happens when these girls don't listen? Punishment mode is a genre bending mechanic in its own right, and features these delinquent girls in suggestive poses waiting for your guidance.

Use the newly featured punishment options not seen in the original PSP version as well as additional scenarios and characters!

Now you can punish the girls without punishing your wallet!

Criminal Girls: Invite OnlyPlayStation VitaUS sold



PlayStation®Vita [Dungeon RPG]

From the creators that brought us Demon Gaze, Experience Inc. introduces a new blend of dungeon RPG in Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy. A brand new first person dungeon crawler RPG set in a near future of Tokyo with a new gripping story mixed with heavy sci-fi elements and a setting to give the game a unique cyberpunk feel.

Engross yourself into the unique dungeon crawler setting of Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy and lose yourself in the gorgeous world where real-life locations and stunning art are rendered throughout the game. In a once peaceful city of Tokyo, a little-known catastrophe is uprising with a great speed. Genetically engineered monsters called Variants and the emergence of portals that lead to a mysterious dimensions  known as the Abyss keeps the city under constant threat.

To investigate this phenomena, the government has formed a secret organization for the variants annihilation, the Code Physics Agency (CPA), a secret investigating body which recruits teenage youth to be part of an elite team called the Xth Squad.

This Xth Squad (Xion Transhuman Squad) is a  team who harnesses Blood Codes, a highly advanced codes developed by CPA that contains the genomes of history's greatest heroes and powerful abilities suitable to match against the menacing evil that’s uprising within the city.

Players will form their uniquely powerful team of Xth(Six) Members and face challenges within a labyrinthine dungeon where various traps, hazardous encounters, secret doors, and  challenging enemies awaits. Customize each elite teammate’s classes, appearances, stats, expressions, and more to your very own preferences and discover what lies within the Abyss!

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo LegacyPlayStation VitaUS US$ 44.991-5d


PlayStation®4 [Action / Adventure]

The Assassin's Creed franchise has been a video game icon for some years now, and while it has had its ups and downs Assassin's Creed has always been an entertaining franchise to say the least. Taking place during the French Revolution you'll be joining a new assassin, Arno Dorian, as he fights our familiar foes, The Templar, amidst a politically torn 18th century France.

As is expected, Ubisoft have built a beautifully detailed world that should capture the intensity of the French Revolution - and if getting lost in the streets of an entirely navigable Paris rendered at a 1:1 ratio isn't enough, maybe massive rioting crowds will bring forth your inner revolutionist!

But let's be honest, the Assassin's Creed franchise has never been truly lacking when it comes to world creation, it has been the combat holding it back. Unity seemingly solves this issue allowing your assassin to properly deal with more than one enemy at a time, with groups of enemies actually attacking as a group (not a congo line to their death). The combat has been made purposely harder, requiring you to respond to various attack types, as well as introducing the parry mechanic. The more difficult combat will force emphasis onto the new stealth mechanics, fighting when you are at the advantage, much like a true assassin.

Ubisoft describes Unity as a "shared experience", meaning that the lines between single and multiplayer are largely blurred. The story will follow the protagonist Arno, with 2/3 of the missions being single player, but also includes 'Brotherhood Missions' where up to 4 assassins can be found tearing it up together.

Assassin's Creed UnityPlayStation 4™US US$ 14.9924h


Xbox ONE™ [Action / Adventure]

While the previous titles of Dragon Age presented fans a well realized fantasy experience with the polish found in Bioware RPGs, Inquisition seems to be the version that the devs have been waiting to make.

Using the spectacular Frostbite 3 engine, a vast and varied open world including ice-capped mountains, twisted marshes, and scorching deserts comes to life; tangible, visible results of the environs change as the landscape reshapes as a result of your journey. The world of Thedas is one of the most gorgeous ones we've seen so far.

Deep, complicated and customizable characters await; keeping with the previous titles, these 9 fully developed companions will react to your actions and choice differently. Of course, the mature romance options are still there for full RPG immersion.

Combat has been completely revamped to meet expected modern conventions; visually stunning and challenging battles with spectacular enemies force all players to think quickly, as the toe-to-toe visceral combat requires a tactical mind in co-ordinating and unleashing the devastating forces of your party.

Dragon Age: InquisitionXbox One™US US$ 24.991w


Nintendo 3DS™ [RTS / Card]

Mobile Suit Gundam: Try Age SP is based on the real time strategy trading card game of the same name featured in Japanese arcades and includes mecha from Gundam Build Fighters, Gundam UC, Z Gundam, as well as the original Mobile Suit Gundam!

The gameplay revolves around how players build their platoons, using a set of three different Mobile Suit cards as well as three pilot cards. Local multiplayer for Mobile Suit Gundam: Try Age SP is also available.

Unfortunately, the chances of the title being localized are incredibly slim - but not impossible! The good news is that we've got a pretty unbeatable price for those lucky JPN 3DS owners looking to grab that Gundam arcade experience on their handhelds!


Mobile Suit Gundam: Try Age SPNintendo 3DS™JPN US$ 24.991w


PlayStation®4 [Fighting]

The definitive version of Dead or Alive 5 is now on Weekly Special, along with the insane number of characters, extravagant number of costumes, play-modes and the always-controversial breasts. 

As an incredibly approachable fighting franchise Dead or Alive keeps things simple. Instead of going the route of elaborate stick movements the focus is on stringing your limited available attacks together with an emphasis on speed and precision, with complexity coming in the form of positioning.

The game's story is laid out on a timeline, allowing players to jump in and out of relevant chapters as the various characters enter 1-on-1 matches on their way to the DOA tournament.

The next generation consoles only help the game with beautiful animations, 60FPS, and eye-catching models. 

Dead or Alive 5: Last RoundPlayStation 4™US US$ 21.9924h


Nintendo DS™ [Platform]

Float, jump and battle through eight huge worlds as Kirby takes control on a diabolical band of rodent robbers called the Squeaks!

You can expect all the floating, jumping and battling of a classic Kirby game, but this time, Kirby’s copy abilities have been massively boosted. Not only can you mix and match copy abilities by using the stylus to drag them together inside Kirby's belly (located on the touch screen), but the powers themselves now have the ability to affect the environment, as well as foes. For example, you can burn trees and grasses with the Fire ability, or freeze water with the Ice ability.

In sub-game mode, Kirby: Squeak Squad also features multiplayer fun for up to four players, using either Multi-Card or DS Download Play over DS Local Area Network.

Kirby Squeak SquadNintendo DS™JPN US$ 49.991w


Wii U™ [Action]

Continue the long-standing Kamen Rider Series with Battride War II! The title is based heavily on the Kamen Rider movies, and features nearly every movie-exclusive form to date! Not to mention the new powered-up playable Kamen Riders: Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, and Yoshimune!

If the new allies, form changes, and playable characters weren't enough to get you excited we'll also be seeing the robotic mastermind King Dark, who will be making his villainous return to the Kamen Rider series, serving as an homage to the 40th Anniversary of Kamen Rider X! 




Kamen Rider Battride War IIWii U™JPN US$ 34.991w

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