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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Gyaktuen Saiban 123 Naruhodo Selection (Ace Attorney), Drakengard 3, One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X & MORE!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of video game titles for less so you can play without all the pay!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons or free shipping with our Weekly Special offers.


Nintendo 3DS [Puzzle / Adventure]

IGIARI! Or perhaps even... OBJECTION!The complilation collection of Ace Attorney rolls out onto the Weekly Special deals, so be prepared for an epic turn-about of all three classic games all remade in HD & 3D!

This Japanese release also includes English and Japanese Subtitle options, so you can play as either Naruhodō Ryūichi or the great Phoenix Wright!

For those who have never had a chance to experience Capcom's amazingly popular courtroom drama, this game features courtroom style gameplay and 3D environments. There are investigation and courtroom sessions for each case. Players will follow Phoenix Wright to firstly conduct investigations via examining evidences in various areas, questioning people for clues, and finally presenting existing evidences from the Court Record for generating new helpful information.

Expose the inconsistencies, lies and drama behind a multitude of unique cases for justice!

Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodo SelectionNintendo 3DSJPN US$ 46.9924h


PlayStation®3 [RPG]

Drag On Dragoon 3 aka Drakengard 3 is a cult classic series from Square-Enix with a history going all the way back to the PlayStation 2! With an amazing soundtrack, a very fun hack and slash gameplay, and a compelling story Drakengard makes a grand return!

Widely known for a severely warped story with multiple endings, the third installment of this series continues down the same path. Expect epic land battles against countless massive foes or take to the skies in adrenaline-inducing dragon-mounted combat. You'll find yourself locked in exhilarating hack and slash combat against massive hordes of enemies.

The title is a prequel to the original game in the series and focuses on Zero, a mysterious woman who partners with a dragon to kill her five sisters, the rulers of the world's regions.

Learn the true reasons Zero's unbridled vengeance and rampage as the Drakengard tale unfolds!

Drakengard 3PlayStation 3US sold


Nintendo 3DS™ [Fighting]

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X continues the Grand Battle! and Gigant Battle series published by Namco Bandai. With a focus on the New World and 8 stages to make your way through players will be channeling their inner-pirate in no time.

Super Grand Battle! X features 4 player battles on a 2D plane, where each player chooses 2 playable characters to use in a Tag Team style combat system. There are over 85 characters total, with 38 characters being playable. You'll be able to create your own dream team of two main characters and two support characters and take them into massive pirate battles.

Super Grand Battle! X also features amiibo support, you can use the figures to unlock new costumes for the cast, such as a Mario outfit for Luffy or a pink Chopper channeling Kirby. They are proper costumes as well, with full model skins, so you can expect a fair amount of quality.

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! XNintendo 3DSJPN US$ 29.991-5d


PlayStation®Vita [Dungeon Crawler]

Join a team of players to brave the endless horrors of the Silent Hill universe! For the first time in the franchise's history, Book of Memories transitions the focus from psychological horror to cooperative play. Book of Memories evokes quite a strong dungeon crawler feel, and despite mixed critical reviews the title has been well received by fans of the franchise.  Gamers are given the choice to customize their own character.

Connection is the key, when players carve their path to survival they will need to rely on the camaraderie of their fellow teammates in order to overcome the bloodchilling atmosphere of their new prison.

While elements of the horror genre are definitely sacrificed, Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a complete and fun hack and slash/dungeon crawler that evokes atmospheres from the franchise.

Silent Hill: Book of MemoriesPlayStation VitaUS sold


Xbox ONE™ [Action Adventure]

Lara Croft invites game enthusiasts once more into her pistol-wielding origins story in Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. Developed by Crystal Dynamic the Definitive Edition doesn't make large changes from the last generation's editions in terms of gameplay but there is no debate about how it looks on next gen consoles: damn good. This Tomb Raider title emphasizes the remodeled origins of Lara. Stunningly realistic graphical improvements coupled with the already existing intense gameplay and a riveting storyline makes this title a must-have for Action Adventure fans - especially at a new low price!

For the very first time in the Tomb Raider series multiplayer options will be available. Players can compete with each other across several different multiplayer maps and modes, which includes: Team Death Match (a simple player vs. player combat scenario). Private Rescue (a time limited mode in which certain class of teams are assigned to accomplished specific tasks), and lastly the Cry for Help mode (a team needs to accomplished a task and survive being hunted by the others). In all three modes, destructible environment and acquired weapons can be carried over from the single player campaign.

Tomb Raider Definitive EditionXbox OneUS US$ 27.991w


Xbox 360™ [Action Adventure]

If you're new to Dragon's Dogma, you better be ready for an adventure and experience like no other game can offer. With an environment that does true justice to the fantasy genre, you'll find yourself completely and utterly immersed in the thrills of the game. Make use of your AI group companions as you fight against massive beasts and enemies - and of course, Dragons! 

This game takes dragons (and big enemies in general) to a whole new level, lock yourslef in combat and climb on to ther backs of various creatures - but be careful not to be thrown off as it flies into the sky and attempts to crush you to death! These aren't your Skyrim dragons, oh no - they will 'Fus Ro Dunk' your butt from the sky.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is a game of some difficulty, but with incredible immersion that will keep you testing your personal limits as a gamer.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenXbox360KOR sold


PlayStation®3 [Action]

Saint's Row III:  Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to Steelport, a once-proud metropolis reduced to a struggling city of sin under Syndicate control.

Saint's Row IV: Saints Row IV will be riding the popularity wave of Saints Row the Third into nearly every gamer's house in the world - and the hype is definitely warranted! Jump into the seat of power as you are now the President of the United States of America - where your gun-toting and foul-mouthed expertise will help you fight off... Aliens? What would the 'Saints' franchise be without an oversized helping of humor and debauchery?

Saints Row Double Pack (English)PlayStation 3ASIA sold


PlayStation®3 [RPG]

Cultivate your lands, defend it from monsters, and find your soul mate in Tides of Destiny! Character customization isn't so simple in ToD, as playersembark on a journey where Accel and Sonya are transferred to a new world, where they are accidentally put in the same single body, allowing plyayers the cool mechanic of being able to switch between the male point of view and the female point of view in the middle of the game. Of course, there are lots of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, and how you weave your story, is completely up to you...

No matter what you do, though, you'll love Yumil the giant - your travel companion as well as means of transport across the sea! Ask him to lift islands for you to create farmland, fish out sunken ships from the bottom of the sea, and go on treasure hunts. Yumil will even defend against giant sea monsters and dragons that will threaten you on your travels.

Rune Factory: Tides of DestinyPlayStation 3US US$ 17.9924h



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