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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Senran Kagura 2 Shinku, LoZ: A Link Between Worlds, Mobile Suit Gundam Try Age SP, Diablo III + MORE!

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Nintendo 3DS™ [Action]

Unabashed with its approach in delivering what the people really want, Senran Kagura delivers once again.

What the people really wanted was a sequel; Senran Kagura 2 Shinku aka Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson takes this notorious series to another level with 2 new female characters, improvements on gameplay, fanservice and fanservice.

New to the series is the introduction of tag-team play; players will use the "Pair Battle" function where they will be able to fight using two paired- up characters.

The unique aspect of this pairing is that any character from the game can be teamed up - from rivals or friends, certain character combinations will elicit certain special movesets, supermoves, combos and counters. Increased damage as well as a special tag-team attack scene can be achieved, but this depends on how well the player performs with a pairing.  Another exciting development for Senran Kagura 2 is Co-op play!

Finally, the costume destruction features in Senran Kagura 2 is getting revamped! Destroyed clothing is seamless, and all enemies (not just bosses) will get stripped down all the same! After defeating an enemy, players can examine them in the reference library mode. 

Senran Kagura 2 ShinkuNintendo 3DSJPN US$ 17.9924h


PlayStation®3 [Action]

HD 2.5 Remix is a remastered collection of the heavily lauded Kingdom Hearts franchise, including Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded adapted from the DS as an HD cinematic retelling. Western fans take note: this will be the first time the Final Mix games are to be released outside of Japan - and they are in HD! Tetsuya Nomura has also added that the cinematics will include additional unseen battle, new voice acting, and a scenes that comprehensively tie the different games together. 

Players can continue their journey with Sora and a plethora of favorite Disney characters and discover the origins of the Kingdom Hearts series together with Terra, Aqua and Ventus - all with stunning HD visuals and improved gameplay mechanics. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix will give fans a chance to play again the key titles in the popular series, and will also serve as the perfect guide to the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIXPlayStation 3US sold

Nintendo 3DS™ [Action / Adventure]

A Link Between Worlds manages to combine a tribute to A Link to the Past and a brand new game concept into one amazing title. Making use of the graphical and 3D capabilities of the 3DS the world, and especially the dungeons, will look slightly different from previous installations. 

The biggest feature is definitely the new skill provided to Link! At the expense of a new purple meter (a type of energy) Link can become a drawing to cling onto walls and move along them horizontally.

Making use of the 3DS user interface the top screen shows the main game, while the bottom screen shows the map, Rupees, item buttons (X and Y), and a button that has been labeled "Collect," which allows players to open a twenty-slot inventory. The touch screen has a similar appearance to that of the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time. The A button controls basic actions like transforming while the B button is dedicated to the sword.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between WorldsNintendo 3DSUS US$ 39.9924h

Nintendo 3DS™ [Strategy]

Mobile Suit Gundam: Try Age SP is based on the real time strategy trading card game of the same name featured in Japanese arcades and includes mecha from Gundam Build Fighters, Gundam UC, Z Gundam, as well as the original Mobile Suit Gundam!

The gameplay revolves around how players build their platoons, using a set of three different Mobile Suit cards as well as three pilot cards. Local multiplayer for Mobile Suit Gundam: Try Age SP is also available.

Unfortunately, the chances of the title being localized are incredibly slim - but not impossible! The good news is that we've got a pretty unbeatable price for those lucky JPN 3DS owners looking to grab that Gundam arcade experience on their handhelds!


Mobile Suit Gundam: Try Age SPNintendo 3DSJPN US$ 24.991w


PlayStation®4 [Action]

From the series that set a record for the fastest-selling PC game to date, the Diablo franchise has been taken the leap to consoles! As the Angel of Death and his evil powers strengthen, players must stand their ground and secure the safety of humanity. As monsters swarm and attempt to devour the land, it's up to the players to send them back to the depths.

Play through the game as a barbarian, witch doctor, monk, demon hunter, wizard, and the newest addition: the crusader, an ironclad juggernaut! Unlock the potential of each class as you learn their skillset nuances and the best ways to min/max. Conquer hordes of enemies in a true hack and slash style and unlock new skills to help you do that even better; customize the properties of your weapons and slay to your heart's content in an array of beautifully imagined environments!

Reaper of Souls introduces some welcomed gameplay additions that really polish off the game, namely the Adventure Mode and Bounties. Adventure Mode is unlocked upon completetion of Act V and allows players to explore every region currently available in the game, without having to create a new game. The new objectives (including Bounties and Nephalem Rifts) are made available in this mode.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil EditionPlayStation 4US sold


Nintendo 3DS™

Enter the world of Cardfight!! Vanguard where card fighting has become an essential part of every day life!

This title based on the popular animated series starts the player off as a novice cardfighter working towards battling in the Nationals. As you're coached by Aichi you will be battling alongside and against popular characters from the series! The closer you are to Nationals the bigger the tournaments are, as you prove yourself to be the greatest Cardfighter. 

The game features a shop where you can purchase cards using the points you've earned through the Free Fights feature, where you can explore the city and battle a variety of people, as well as tournaments. 

Battle your friends and other players using the Wireless and WiFi capabilities of your 3DS. The player can make use of the Random Battle and Friend Codes features to jump into fights as fast as possible!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Lock On Victory!!Nintendo 3DSJPN US$ 19.991w


PlayStation®3 [Action]

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the enhanced return to one of the most critically-acclaimed video game franchise of all time.

The game is set in the year of 2027, a time of great innovation in neuro-prosthetics, but also a time of chaos and social divide. 

At a time when scientific advancements are routinely turning athletes, soldiers and spies into super-enhanced beings, someone is working very hard to ensure mankind’s evolution follows a particular path, and you need to discover why — the decisions you take and the choices you make, will be the only things that can change it. 

Play as Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who’s been augmented against his own choice, who finds himself in the middle of global conspiracy in which he holds the key!

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionPlayStation 3US US$ 21.991-2w


XboxONE™ [Driving]

Forza Motorsport 5 lets thrill seekers drive in style with all the ingredients needed for that ultimate gaming experience. Next generation graphics, prolific car collections and adrenaline infused sound design with legendary Forza authenticity, Forza Motorsport 5 is the perfect open-world automotive playground anyone could ever dream of.

Forza Motorsport 5, highlights an appreciation for cars more than the allure of speed racing offers, not only giving players a wide array of excellent choices by also sets them apartt from other racing video games. Race behind the wheels of over 180 most sophisticated car collections from over 54 manufacturers like the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Pagani Huayra.

Drive in the world’s scenic view tracks including Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Mount Panorama Circuit (Bathurst), Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone Circuit along with carry overs from the previous instalment such as the fictional Swiss Alps racetrack and Silverstone Circuit.

For the first time ever in the series’ history, players can experience open-wheel cars including the Dallara DW12 Indy Car , the McLaren M23 and the Ferrari 312T2 driven by Niki Lauda from the 1976 Formula One season. These along with more exciting features are all available in Forza Vista mode.

Forza Motorsport 5 (with Top Gear Car Pack DLC)
Xbox OneEUR US$ 39.991-2w

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