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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Super Paper Mario, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Dragon Age Origin's (Ultimate Edition), King of Fighters XIII, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Under Defeat HD (Deluxe Edition), and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of titles for less so you can play without all the pay! To the Games!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons along with this special offer.


PlayStation®3 [Vertical Scrolling Schump]

A controversial game once released for the classic Dreamcast, Under Defeat took a suprising twist with setting and story. The game takes place in an alternate reality based on World War II where players control German-speaking characters fighting against aggressors that speak English.

Though released near the later days of the console, demand far exceeded expectations, and the HD Deluxe Edition is available once again with all current DLC and patches, a Digital art book, a Soundtrack CD, a brand new chopper and a letter from G.rev CEO and UD executive producer, Hiroyuki Maruyama! 

Under Defeat HD (Deluxe Edition)US sold


Nintendo 3DS™ [Life-Simulation]

Released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, an exciting new life awaits all gamers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The premise is simple: you are the new mayor in town to a village full of charming anthropromorphic animals who welcome your arrival; through your every action, this sleepy town becomes a thriving mini-metropolis with addictive activities galour! 

For those new to the series, Animal Crossing's biggest draw is how it captures the salad days of idyllic youth and presents this in an addicting collection game; constant surprises and rewards show up non-stop as players can fish, catch bugs, tend gardens, horde furniture and even find exclusive Nintendo themed gear! As well, with the online functionality of the 3DS, players can visit other towns as well as participate in  mulitplayer events. The wonder of Animal Crossing: New Leaf is on how it can really envelope a gamer with it's personality. Once again, a new life awaits in this critically acclaimed game!


PlayStation®3 [Fighting]

King of Fighters XIII took the series to a new level with significantly modified gameplay - removing modes while bringing back old favorites. The overall character roster recieved an expansion while re-grouping the playable characters into three-member teams as in the prior installments. Reception of the game is overwhelmingly positive to the point where it is still considered highly competitive two years after release, being featured at fighting game tournaments like EVO and Apex. 

With incredibly distinct graphic styles and notably smooth gameplay it is no surprise that King of Fighters XIII has won numerous awards and very favorable reviews - to the point of being named both Game of the Year and Fighter of the Year. 

The King of Fighters XIIIUS sold


Nintendo 3DS [Action]

A tribe of mysterious marauders has put some sort of musical spell on the creatures of Donkey Kong Island, and they're stealing every banana in sight! Naturally, this doesn't sit too well with Donkey Kong, whose personal banana hoard has been ransacked!

A 3DS port for the top rated Wii game Donkey Kong Country Returns, this 3D iteration carries the same pedigree of wonderfully solid platforming featuring one of the first characters ever in the Nintendo universe. To add to this release, featured are extra stages and worlds not seen in the Wii edition as well as the ability to select between the "Original Mode" (Wii) and "New Mode" - made exclusively for the 3DS! 

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DUS sold


PlayStation®3 [Action RPG]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is definitely one of the biggest sleeper hits of 2012, gaining nothing but positive reviews but severely held back by marketing. KoA is an incredibly immersive action-RPG with five distinct regions, four playable races, and three class trees - 22 abilities per tree. The progression system will be very familiar to seasoned RPG fans with a mixed combat system that is very rewarding. The overall game world and art style carries lots of similarities to that of World of Warcraft and Fable.

The overall combat system is very God of War. Based on the timing of button presses, similar to other action role-playing game, with some rare quick time event cutscenes. The combat includes a 'fate' system which allows players to accumulate 'fate points' and ultimately enter 'Reckoning Mode', a slow motion mode that allows the player to quickly dispatch enemies. 

The most impressive thing about this title is the ability to create the depth that you would find in an MMO, in a singleplayer experience. With a backstory written by R.A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane, and Ken Rolston - including 10,000 years of history - the immersion is absoutely incredible. If you can stomach a few annoying bugs here and there then this game is essentially Dragon Age: Origins but with even more liberty in an incredibly open world. 

Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningUS sold


Nintendo Wii™ [RPG]

Super Paper Mario is perhaps one of the most beloved games on the Wii. Taking a cue from the cult success of the SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and combining this with an extremely novel gameplay mechanic, it can be said that this game is now a modern classic.

Mario is made of paper, and as such, certain unexpected abilities crop up for the famous plumber to use. Slip into cracks while exploring complex dungeons, turn into a paper airplane for unreachable heights, and roll up to infiltrate nooks and crannies. Featuring critically lauded writing with respect to humor and lots of throwbacks, easter eggs and references to Mario culture in general, get ready for one of Mario's most unique and fun adventures!

The Wii U is backwards compatible with Super Paper Mario.

Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Selects)US sold


PlayStation®3 [RPG]

Dragon Age: Origins is BioWare's return to its roots – a dark heroic fantasy game (really a spiritual sucessor to Baldur's Gate) that combines original storytelling techniques with classic roleplaying. Origins is, you guess it, focused heavily on the player-character's origins where play through your character’s early days, defining his or her background and motivation and begin to learn more about the world of Ferelden from your own distinct perspective. Your origins and choices you make defines how you will view the world and how it views you. Choose your personality traits, from a jealous commoner to a noble lord. Replaying the game is different each time, as your choices change your story becomes even more unique.

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening expands heavily on Origins, and introduces and entirely new campaign in the aftermath. The gameplay and choices develop even further with new class specializations and skills while raising the level cap and introducing new enemies. You have the ability to either import your character from Origins, or simply start anew as a Warden from the new region of Orlais. How you choose to rebuild your order, how you resolve the conflict with "The Architect", and how you determine the fate of the darkspawn are just a few of the many complex choices that await and shape your journey as you venture to the new land of Amaranthine. 

Dragon Age Origins (Ultimate Edition)US US$ 25.9924h


Nintendo DS™ [Adventure]

Nintendo are once again making game-development look easy with Phantom Hourglass. Even if you don't share the same love for Link that we at Play-Asia.com do, Phantom Hourglass is no-questions-asked a must-have for DS owners. The title keeps all the elements that makes LoZ an immersive adventure while adding a humorous and unpredictable story, entertaining new characters, and some of the smoothest controls on a DS title. The stylus makes controlling Link easier than ever. Tap on the screen to make Link move, or sweep the stylus around him to swing the sword. Players can even draw a path for his boomerang and send it flying into hard-to-reach targets.

The controls may seem incredibly wacky at first, especially having the traditional D-pad and buttons be relegated to menu-screen controls, but after about 10 minutes of playing it becomes astonishingly intuitive and definitely the innovation Nintendo was going for. 

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassUS sold

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