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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Tales of Xillia 2, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Risen 3: Titan Lords + MORE!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of titles for less so you can play without all the pay! This week we packed the lineup with Japanese RPGs and other insanely fun titles!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons or free shipping with our Weekly Special offers.


PlayStation®3 [RPG]

The follow up to the critically acclaimed Tales of XilliaToX 2 takes place one year after the climatic events of the previous title - where the two worlds, Rieze Maxia and Elympios, are no longer separated by the barrier. Elympios is a world of technological advancement gained through the use of Spyrix, whereas Rieze Maxia is a previously isolated land which relies on spirit artes and nature. 

Tales of Xillia 2 follows Ludger Will Kresnik, who comes from a particularly special family with the ability to destroy alternative timelines. Throughout the character's journey the player will be able to decide how to react to various characters and situations that will later branch out into different paths. Your choices will make all the difference; the central theme of the title being 'Sentaku ga Mirai wo Tsumugu RPG' or 'an RPG where your choices determine the future'. 

The battle sequences in the title use the "Cross Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System" - where four characters are chosen to battle and the non-player controlled characters are set instructions by the player beforehand. The "Assault Counter" denotes the number of skills and actions a character can perform and recharges over time. Skill usage costs "Technical Points" which can be refilled by attacking or using items. The game will be featuring the Linking System from the original Tales of Xillia, in which players can team up or link up to other players in battle to destroy enemies and support robust linked artes attacks. Swap weapons with the new "Weapon Swap Mechanic" while in battle where players can switch between three main weapons: a sledgehammer, dual blades, and dual pistols in real-time combat!

Tales of Xillia 2 (English)PlayStation 3ASIA sold


PlayStation®3 [Action / Stealth]

Alien: Isolation is largely focused on stealth mechanics, and unlike most video game adaptations of the Alien franchise Alien: Isolation features few Aliens throughout its duration requiring the player to go unnoticed in order to survive being hunted. That doesn't mean there is no shooting, you will encounter humans and androids to get your FPS fill but it should not consume the gameplay. In fact, increasing your light or sound makes it all the easier to be found. 

All that said the most exciting aspect of the game is the Alien and it's AI, and how it will track down our protagonist. Both you and the Alien will have ways to thwart each other through the non-linear level (reportedly featuring multiple exit and entry points) but the developer's goal is to make you feel like the AI is tracking you, learning from you, and toying with you. If that isn't unnerving enough, you will be unable to track the Alien's specific location and have no information at all if the Alien is not moving. 

Adding to the immersion, the game will feature no on-screen HUD forcing you to inhibit your attention while using your inventory items to gather information. The developers even go so far as to introduce a depth-of-field effect making it impossible to see the Alien's location and what is in front of you at the same time. Alien: Isolation also features a crafting system allowing the player to create weapons and tools to defend themselves. The items used for crafting appear in randomized locations throughout the levels, forcing players to explore in order to find them on each playthrough instead of memorizing their locations. 

Alien: Isolation (English)PlayStation 3ASIA US$ 29.992-4d

PlayStation®3 Xbox360™ [Action Adventure]

After the success of its predecessors, Piranha Bytes, the creators of the Risen series, is ready to launch the newest and third installment, Risen 3: Titan Lords!

Experience the game’s hand-crafted role-playing world full of rugged charm where every decision and action corresponds to a consequence. Similar to the preceding iterations in the series, Risen 3 will give players the freedom to explore the world, which promises to be diverse, authentic and full of life.

The world created for Risen 3: Titan Lords is one abandoned by all the gods and now faces anguish due to the Titan War. Players will take on the role of a young warrior that fearlessly sets off on a quest to retrieve his lost soul amidst the spreading of darkness and evil all over the word. To make the quest successful, the warrior needs to find and seek the help of very powerful Mages. These Mages are protected by the Guardians in their sanctuary on Taranis, also known as the Island of Thunder. Players will join guilds and forge alliances in order to to be the hero the Risen world needs.

Risen 3: Titan Lords (English)Xbox360ASIA US$ 24.9924h


Nintendo DS™ [Puzzle]

Jump into a classic Professor Layton adventure!

Puzzle master Professor Layton and his apprentice, Luke, have stumbled upon yet another mystery. It's up to the player to navigate our heroes through numerous puzzles as the travel the country on train determining who – or what – caused the death of Professor Layton's mentor, Dr. Schrader.

Was it the mysterious Elysian Box, rumored to kill all who open it? Professor Layton and Luke find a clue that begins their adventure: a train ticket for the Molentary Express.

The Diabolical Box is praised for the introduction of various new areas to explore, a wide range of various puzzles, and stunning voice acting and animations - especially considering it is a DS title!

Professor Layton and the Diabolical BoxNintendo DSUS US$ 34.991-2w


PlayStation®3 [Strategy]

The Earth Federation is building their own regiment in the Aidoneus islands. A massive war is brewing, and unless somebody steps in everything is going to be ripped apart.

Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Original Generations is the direct sequel to Super Robots Taisen Original Generation Gaiden released for the PS2 . The title inherits and greatly improving upon the tactical gameplay while staying true to the fan-favorite model.

The game is packed with existing characters but also introduces all new characters and mechs like DGG-XAM03 JinRai, and the upgraded PTX-006C Wildraubtier Schnabel.

Use the menu in the intermission sessions to select your units. One mecha is powerful enough, but when you pair them together into twins, you can make use of an array of moves like the spirit command and the concentrated command. Some of them are exclusive to this installment.

Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Original GenerationsPlayStation 3ASIA sold


PlayStation®Vita [Action RPG]

As the third Ys game to be considered canon within the Ys universe, Adol returns in what is currently the real Ys IV!

Accompany Adol on his coming of age adventure, one filled with conspiracy, fraud, mystery, and hidden memories. Unlock the truths behind this compelling character through special memento missions, and finally see Adol become the true hero he has always destined to be.

With large visually impressive maps, a beautiful soundtrack, and a cast of characters that capture the true Ys spirit this title is ripe with exploration!

As Ys: Memories of Celceta is for the PlayStation Vita, certain features utilize the console’s touch capabilities. Back touch panel of the console can be used to give commands to your allies and the front panel will be used for camera manipulation, and for puzzle solving. 

Ys: Memories of CelcetaPlayStation VitaUS US$ 32.995-15d


Xbox360™ [Action Adventure]

Voice: English / Subs: Korean

If you're new to Dragon's Dogma, you better be ready for an adventure and experience like no other game can offer. With an environment that does true justice to the fantasy genre, you'll find yourself completely and utterly immersed in the thrills of the game. Make use of your AI group companions as you fight against massive beasts and enemies - and of course, Dragons! 

This game takes dragons (and big enemies in general) to a whole new level, lock yourslef in combat and climb on to ther backs of various creatures - but be careful not to be thrown off as it flies into the sky and attempts to crush you to death! These aren't your Skyrim dragons, oh no - they will 'Fus Ro Dunk' your butt from the sky.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is a game of some difficulty, but with incredible immersion that will keep you testing your personal limits as a gamer.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenXbox360KOR sold

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