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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, Wolfenstein: The New Order + More!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of video game titles for less so you can play without all the pay! We've got discounts on some recent releases!

Following the Weekly Specials tradition, there is no maximum number of purchase. Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons or free shipping with our Weekly Special offers.


PlayStation3 PlayStationVita [Visual Novel]

This supernatural Visual Novel with Romance elements is separated into two parts. In the first part, Players will be investigating the mysterious events at the Kurenai Academy High School in a visual novel format. While those familiar with this genre will realize that the choices made will effect the ultimate outcome of the game, the selection of choices in Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters are substantial - players will choose from 5 different emotions and the 5 human senses to convey their desires. 

The second part is the battle part, and it is just as unique and unconventional as the mashup presented in this game. As ghost hunters, players will face the challenge of setting traps on a board like grid with focus on strategy, intuition and risk. There are also many exciting visual effects that signify success and failure as to keep things fresh.

Originally from Arc System Works, ASKYS has brought this game westward, and by featuring high grade Japanese talent - Final Fantasy's Nobuo Uematsu composes the music - Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters is indeed a title for those who enjoy cerebral gaming as well as unique visual novels.

Tokyo Twilight Ghost HuntersPlayStation 3™US sold
Tokyo Twilight Ghost HuntersPlayStation VitaUS US$ 21.2924h


PlayStation®3 [Fighting]

Developer French-Bread is teaming with Arc System Works to bring its latest arcade title, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (UNIEL), to PS3 with tons of new upgrades and updates!

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late will be sporting stylish and smoothly-animated special attacks along with a variety of easy-to-perform combos. If you hit the right ability execution you can even pull off the very aesthetically -impressive Infinite Worth Exist move!

UNIEL also includes a unique cast of characters, each possessing special abilities and weapons of their own! The biggest news coming out of the latest Famitsu is that we will be able to play the high school warrior Nanase! Rocking the stylistic oversized sword, her special attack is a spinning 'Windmill', staying out of her reach could get pretty difficult!

If variation is what you're after, you're in luck! UNIEL is packed with different game modes, ranging from offline battles like VSMode and Survival to online Ranked matches and training! For players who want to appreciate the artwork and the characters a bit more there is both a Customization Mode and a Gallery you can browse to your heart's content!

Under Night In-Birth Exe: LatePlayStation 3™US sold


PlayStation®4 [Action]

Toukiden Kiwami is the sequel to the incredibly popular action title Toukiden: Age of Demons. Set in Utakata Village, located in a medieval Japanese world, the player must fight alongside the 'mononofu', skilled warriors who specialize in slaying demons. 

The north has fallen to the Oni and their people seek refuge in the only recently recovered Utakata village. Under your guidance the different factions must come together to hold back the oncoming demonic swarm.

Toukiden Kiwami, like any good sequel, has improved where it was lacking while bolstering its library of weapons, demons, souls, and characters. The new characters include: Aiba, the commander of the third company elite Demon Hunters Corps (fights with a spiked club) and Hollow an amnesiac woman who uses a gun. A hack and slash just isn't the same without the legendary naginata , which is included as a new weapon.

Multiplayer works similarly to the previous title, supporting cooperative play with support for up to four players. As well, players could get access to the multiplayer mode at almost any time during the single player mode!

Toukiden: KiwamiPlayStation 4™US US$ 24.9924h


PlayStation®4 [Fighting]

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-  is the fifth installment of the frenetically paced Guilty Gear series, and while keeping in line with the series' signature 2D anime style artwork, cel shaded graphics have now replaced the traditional hand drawn sprites resulting in what some call playable animation. The end product is a fluid and brilliant visual experience, with dynamic camera movement where characters burst to life on screen in tandem with frenzied particle effects from a multitude of special moves and fighting mechanics.

Playable characters total at 16 at this moment; fans will immediately recognize Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Millia Rage, May, Chipp Zanuff, Potemkin, Venom, Axl Low, I-No, Faust, Slayer, and Zato-1. As well, Sin from Overture and Elphelt - a new character to the series, as well as boss character Ramlethal Valentine join the roster of playable characters!

The biggest announcement for Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- is that one will never lack an opponent online; Arc System Works has made it a priority for both releases to be cross-platform; players on both the PS3 and PS4 can instakill each other without feeling guilty~

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-PlayStation 4™US US$ 19.9924h


Nintendo 3DS™ [Simulation]

Get your amiibo collectible cards ready! Show off your style by designing homes for all of your favorite Animal Crossing villagers! Use your creativity to design the perfect houses—inside and out—for both old and new friends. With the new amiibo cards, you can call your favorite villagers into the game!

In Happy Home Designer, the player is given a job at Nook's Homes, and will be tasked with designing houses for villagers, who visit the plaza of New Town, who will each request a specific theme! The player then selects a plot of land for the new house to go, and then can design the interior with furniture, carpet, and wallpaper.

The catalog has been dramatically expanded, with items grouped into specific themes for ease of navigation. The touch screen on the Nintendo 3DS is used as a floor planner to move items around a room with precision.

Doubutsu no Mori: Happy Home DesignerNintendo 3DS™JPN US$ 32.9924h


PlayStation®3 [Action]

Rewrite history and battle the ever brutal and infamous Nazi regime! As the only individual capable of standing up against them it is your job to meet their fire with yours in Wolfenstein: The New Order! Revealed to the world to be an incredibly strong FPS, The New Order is developed by MachineGames and marks the ninth installment of the iconic Wolfenstein series.

What would history be like if the allied forces fell to the Nazi regime? Find out in this FPS packed with big guns, fast paced combat, and a healthy dose of humor!

You will play as Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, an American war hero who wakes up in a world that has been triumphantly dominated by the Nazi’s with aid of their technologically advanced war machines - which they have used to inflict chaos and brutal intimidation unto people all around the world, but that won't stop you from borrowing their arsenal as well!

Wolfenstein: The New OrderPlayStation 3™US US$ 22.991w


PlayStation®3 [Action RPG]

HD 2.5 Remix is a remastered collection of the heavily lauded Kingdom Hearts franchise, including Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded adapted from the DS as an HD cinematic retelling. Western fans take note: this will be the first time the Final Mix games are to be released outside of Japan - and they are in HD! Tetsuya Nomura has also added that the cinematics will include additional unseen battle, new voice acting, and a scenes that comprehensively tie the different games together. 

Players can continue their journey with Sora and a plethora of favorite Disney characters and discover the origins of the Kingdom Hearts series together with Terra, Aqua and Ventus - all with stunning HD visuals and improved gameplay mechanics. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix will give fans a chance to play again the key titles in the popular series, and will also serve as the perfect guide to the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIXPlayStation 3™US sold

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