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WEEKLY SPECIAL: Tomb Raider GOTY, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Mind Zero + More!

Welcome to our Weekly Special! Every week we feature a selection of titles for less so you can play without all the pay! This week we something for nearly everyone at some crazy prices, so take a look!

Please bear in mind that you cannot use any further coupons along with this special offer.


PlayStation®3 Xbox360™ [Action Adventure]

Join Lara as she tries to scour and escape a hostile island known as Yamatai in search of her abducted friends. Survive malevolent cults, brutes, and betrayals while trying to escape this island of evil. Action-adventure, exploration and survival mechanics are very well combined with the game's interconnected hub-and-spoke model allowing players to make the most of Lara's action-packed adventures.

For the very first time ever in the Tomb Raider Series, a multiplayer option will be available. Players can compete with each other in several multiplayer maps in these three types of multiplayer modes which includes; Team Death Match is a simple person vs. person combat scenario. Private Rescue is a time limited mode in which certain class of teams are assigned to accomplished specific tasks. And lastly the Cry for Help mode in which a team needs to accomplished a task and survive being hunted by the others. In all three modes, destroyable environment and acquired weapons can be carried over from the single player campaign.

In the Game of the Year Edition, all Downloadable Content is included.

Tomb Raider: Game of the Year EditionXbox360US US$ 24.991w
Tomb Raider: Game of the Year EditionPlayStation 3US US$ 27.991w


PlayStation®Vita [Visual Novel]

For those new to visual novels, Trigger Happy Havoc weaves a visceral tale that suspends disbelief. In this universe exists a school called The Hope's Peak Academy, a place where the ultimate representatives of society's many facets gather. Joining the ranks of top shelf talent is Makoto Naegi, the "Ultimate Lucky Student" as his Academy entry is based on a lucky raffle.

Upon entering, Makoto and several other students fall unconscious only to wake up trapped in a murder mystery game seemingly organized Monokuma, a sadistic remote controlled bear. His demands are clear, kill a fellow student, get away with it and escape. Can the Ultimate Lucky Student survive amidst an atmosphere of zero trust and 100% danger?

Based on the cult classic PSP game that spawned popular manga and anime adaptations, Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is considered to be the definitive remake for modern audiences. Featuring a slick HD rehaul, Touch screen functionality as well as a new post game alternate mode, this version will be sure to surprise veterans and newcomers alike. 

Gameplay will be instantly familiar for those who have played the Ace Attorney series, and players will challenge their perception in mini games and logical investigations with a focus on diabolical debates at breakneck speeds. In fact, this game has been considered as a hyper-fast demented version of Ace Attorney - even in the name itself, Dangan Ronpa stands for Bullet Rebuttal. 

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocPlayStation®VitaUS sold


XboxONE™ [FPS]

Frenetic action is back again in the newest Call of Duty. Set ten years after a tragic event forever transforming the geopolitical scene, the United States is in complete disarray, and a new foe with newly emerged technologies is calling all the shots. In response, the surviving remnants of United States’ Special Operation Forces were gathered to create an elite group of troops - determined to eliminate all threats and protect the remains of America. This Special Force is called "Ghost".

Featuring environmental hazards, fish that react to your position, a mo-capped dog companion (WOOF!), increased character customization and of course: the most intense multiplayer firefights possible! Dynamic maps bring earthquakes, floods, and user-initiated events that fundamentally alter the flow and strategy of every fight. Also, with unparalleled character customization, players have total control to tailor-make the ultimate soldier. 

Call of Duty: GhostsXbox OneUS sold



The 3D isometric dungeon crawler will always have a special place in the hearts of gamers; the suspenseful pace of wandering into the unknown has always been a great gameplay mechanic. 

With over 50 hours of dungeon crawling gameplay, Mind Zero is packed with unique characters, abilities, an incredibly compelling story, a mind blowing battle system, and a free roaming map! Prepare yourself before entering dungeons, as they are packed full of enemies thirsting for your demise.

Play as Kei, a high school student whose life is turned upside down when he forms a contract with a "Mind", a supernatural being that grants its partner powerful abilities. The ability to summon a "Mind" in battle, although incredibly powerful, comes with the drawback of Government interest and tracking. With each "Mind" having different abilities you'll need to learn to both discover and harness their powers to protect yourself

Discover the mysteries behind such dangerous and volatile powers. Will they make you unstoppable or devour you in the process?

Mind ZeroPlayStation®VitaUS US$ 34.991w


When Ronan O'Conner, a detective, gets caught up in a violent burglary his life is brutally ended by a mysterious cold-blooded killer. Stunned to find himself in the afterlife, Ronan's only escape from the endless world of limbo is to uncover the truth behind his killer, reveal the reason of his murder and bring the killer to justice. 

Death is not the end for him. Using his new-found supernatural abilities, Ronan hunts down his murderer and battles demonic spirits to save his soul as he attempts to solve 'the hardest case'. Feel free to roam Salem, Massachusetts from the afterlife - influencing the thoughts and actions of the living. Explore the town for clues, and converse with the fellow dead to piece together the mystery of your death. 


Murdered: Soul SuspectPlayStation 3US US$ 12.9924h

Nintendo 3DS™

You are the latest explorer arriving in Tharsis to seek your fame and fortune. Board your skyship and set out into the clouds in search of treasure, glory, and the answer to Tharsis' oldest mystery of Yggdrasil.

This game is almost a full tribute to retro RPGs - but with graphics and polygon counts that make the 3D incredibly impressive. With upgradeable and customizable skyships - you'll travel through the clouds in style. The game also makes great use of the secondary 3DS screen, allowing the player to chart out their route - live the life of a real explorer where every choice makes a difference in this true RPG. 



Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the TitanNintendo 3DSUS US$ 25.9924h

Xbox360™ [FPS]

Winning over 60 awards from critics around the world and offering an expansive online multiplayer experience, Titanfall is one of the most anticipated and awaited games of all time. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and crafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, Titanfall will deliver a brand-new online experience that combines smooth, fast-paced multiplayer action with the exciting addition of Mecha on Mecha battles. 

The story is centered on a member of a roaming space fleet caught far from home, roving on the edge of space known as The Frontier. Titanfall sets players in the middle of a war between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia.  Battles range from small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial and man vs. machine.

Fans of first-person shooter will be thrilled as Titanfall brings a fast-paced, near-future conflict that gives players the freedom to fight as both elite assault pilots and agile, heavily armored Titans. Featuring a multiplayer match with 6 vs. 6: 6 human players on each team, each with their own AI-controlled Titan and an extra 12 AI soldiers per team.  Only in Titanfall can players experience the heart-throbbing multiplayer action and feel the true next step for the FPS genre!

TitanfallXbox360US US$ 24.991w

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