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Weekly Toys Update: Dragon Ball plush straps, K-On chibi key chains, Lightning Fragrance, One Piece gloves, Sen Hime, Figma Rider + Ritsu & more!

Welcome to this week's toys update. Check out the wonderful collectibles we just got in stock and all the new products made available for preorder. As toys, especially collectible ones, are produced in limited numbers and are often sold out prior to the actual release date, we strongly recommend to preorder the figures of your desire as early as possible.

Highly popular when they came out as cushions, the Dragon Balls are now made into phone straps, dangle them on your zippers or on your phones to show them off. Cheerfully orange, these plush balls are palm sized, perfect as stress balls. Squeeze them and knead them to your heart's content.

These mini Dragon Balls are available at an unbeatable bargain price of US$ 3.49. The maximum amount of purchase is set to 4 per customer.

The kimono mini-dresses are Sawa-chan sensei's latest creation, they are the K-On! girls' stage clothes in the last episode of season one. Everything is fuwa fuwa, these chibi figures are extremely detailed, the developers bring out the fluffy texture of the cotton wooly hems and the small parts such as the pom poms.

Each of the keychains come with a silver plate that features the character's trademark. Yui has her hair clips, Mio has her headphones, Ritsu have her head band, Tsumugi has her tea pot and Azusa has her kitty ears.

Small but stylish, the K-On! keychains are available for:

TakaraTomy K-ON! Pre-Painted Little Mascot Key Chain ToyJPN N/A

Lightning is a cool and tough character, yet she lacked no sexual appeal, this perfume will enforce this image.

Pick up this simple, crystal bottle. Spray some of it and see how peach fades into a cool aqua green leaf. The faint scent is subtle enough not to be obstrusive but strong enough to linger. It is suitable for both the action people and the elegant ones.

This is sold in the 2009 Tokyo Game Show and is a rare collectible that true fans of the franchise could not miss. Now you can go to the opera and formal occasions smelling like Lightning.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Eau de Toilette 50mlJPN N/A sold

February tends to be the coldest month of the year, fear not, we have a couple of very fashionable gloves to keep you warm and looking cool. One Piece pirates have transferred their trademarks onto the garments, Luffy's green ones look like the Gum Gum fruit when you put both hands together.

Nami's orange gloves combine to show her tattoo, Chopper's black and pink features the little elk's silhouette and sakura flowers, Kuma's have bear paws on them.

These are one size fits all gloves, unless your hands are exceptionally big or small, these are bound to fit.

One Piece Hand Gloves: ChopperJPN N/A sold
One Piece Hand Gloves: KumaJPN N/A sold
One Piece Hand Gloves: LoofyJPN N/A sold
One Piece Hand Gloves: NamiJPN N/A sold

Amie-Grand's gothic lolita Asuka brings out the girl's light, translucent skin. The developers used all skin tones in the palette when painting the figure, see how the black bodice sets off the creaminess?

Slender and long legged, the girl is perfect model material, with a camera in hand, she could be doing an advertisement for vintage cameras.

The polystone figure includes all details such as ribbons and frills, be careful when you assemble them to the figure, as they are quite brittle. The camera is stuck to her hand by a two sided tape, replace the tape when it wears out.

Asuka is beautiful in an ethereal way here, take her home today:

Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Polystone Figure: Asuka (Gothic Clear Material Version)JPN N/A sold

Senhime from the figure series Hyakka Ryouran will be coming in June. True to the name of the series, Senhime is a flower in full bloom, as the sister of the school's student union president, she is both the elegant princess and a fearsome lance specialist.

Designed by Nia, her clothes consist of a vast number of ornaments, from ribbons to frills to all the embroidered flowers. Utmost attention is paid to bring out the vitality of the girl, the developers used a variety of colors to bring out the blush on her cheeks.

Roll out the red carpets and welcome Senhime, you have until June to get the carpets and clean your display shelf:

Hyakka Ryoran 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: SenhimeJPN N/A

Sanya V.Litvyak the black kitty girl has flew her way into Alter's factory to have her figure made. She is a perfect combination of softness and lethal grace. The frills on her shirt and the ripples of her black dress set off the hard lines of her strike unit and the canon in her arms.

The monotone color scheme brings out the color on her cheeks, the moss green of her eyes and the softness of her skin. Although she is part of the military, Sanya is still a very young girl with round, pink cheeks.

Sanya will be ready in June, preorder her today:

Strike Witches 1/8 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Sanya V.LitvyakJPN N/A

Rider, the third most popular character in Type Moon's star series Fate stay Night, is here in her full figma glory. As the manifestation of Medusa, this character has her slithery moments, she moved like a spider and is absolutely ruthless, to both her foes and herself.

With the crane, you can hang her up on the wall and twist her into her spider shape, put the whip and chains on her to display her fighting poses. You can remove her eyeshield and have her stone all her foes. The package comes with numerous face and hand parts so you can show all facets of her personality.

Rider is coming in May, put her in with your collection of Fate Stay Night characters:

Fate/stay night Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Rider (Re-run)JPN N/A

Following Mio's footsteps is Ritsu, the actual leader of the K-On! club and drummer. She is a wonderful comic relief character, put her beside Mio and have them perform their comedy moments. Put the bumps on her head and replace her face piece to show her suffering under the wrath of Mio.

Assemble her drum set, the package comes with all the parts of the instruments and hand parts. Set everything up you are one step to completing the K-On! collection. Ritsu comes in May:

K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Tainaka Ritsu (Re-run)JPN N/A

Toys & Figures (12)

Banpresto Dragon Ball Mascot Mini Plush Strap (Shipped Randomly)JPNN/Asold
Square Enix Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Eau de Toilette 50mlJPNN/Asold
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Pre-Painted PVC Figure: BFC-MAX12: Zoalord Imakarum MirabilisJPNN/Asold
K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Akiyama MioJPNN/Asold
TakaraTomy K-ON! Pre-Painted Little Mascot Key Chain ToyJPNN/Asold
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Polystone Figure: Asuka (Gothic Clear Material Version)JPNN/Asold
One Piece Hand Gloves: ChopperJPNN/Asold
One Piece Hand Gloves: KumaJPNN/Asold
One Piece Hand Gloves: LoofyJPNN/Asold
One Piece Hand Gloves: NamiJPNN/Asold
Shin Koihime Muso 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: ShuriJPNN/Asold
Space Battleship Yamato Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPNN/Asold


New Preorders (6)

Fate/stay night Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Rider (Re-run)JPN N/A
Goliath the Super Fighter Pre-Painted Figure: ES Alloy 06: GodamJPN N/A
Hyakka Ryoran 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: SenhimeJPN N/A
Macross 1/100 Scale Pre-Painted Model Kit: VF-1J Fighter IchijyoHikaru CustomJPN N/A
Strike Witches 1/8 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Sanya V.LitvyakJPN N/A
Strike Witches 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Miyafuji Yoshika (Alter Version) (Re-run)JPN N/A
K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Tainaka Ritsu (Re-run)JPN N/A


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