11. Feb, 2009 17:12 (HKT)

What a ninja must do: Tenchu 4 (PSP) teaches you the requisites of being a ninja while Mario and Luigi RPG 3 allows you to know the anatomy of a Cooper!

In the Sengoku period, ninjas are held in high regard, taking off from the end of Tenchu 3, Rikimaru and Ayame has to act before the chaos of the era swallow them whole.

Unlike other ninja games that places brute force before stealth, to survive, in this game, you must not be discovered. Make use of all the crannies and crevices to hide yourself as you ambush your enemies.

Speed is another factor, instead of prolonged battles, kill your opponent in one move. Depending on your ninja skills, you can kill boss characters with one powerful slash. Get to know your weapons as the potential you can tap into depend on them.

Plunge head-long back into the chaos and emerge victorious

You can now play your favourite ninja game on your very own ninja missions. Tenchu 4 is now available on the Sony PSP™.

Tenchu 4ASIA N/A
Tenchu 4JPN US$ 38.99

For Nintendo Wii™ gamers, Tenchu 4 is still available as a Japanese version and the OST, too, is still in stock.

In the peaceful Kinoko Kingdom, a strange pandemic strikes. To find out about the source of the illness, Mario and Luigi set forth on another journey.

However, they came across a huge Cooper on the way and are swallowed, can these two save their land?

The RPG takes place both within and outside the Cooper, take note of the brothers' specialties as you run around the stages.

Sometimes the Cooper's digestive system will help you through. Take another closer look at the Coopers, they may not be that bad after all.

Follow Mario and Luigi and see past the surface of the Cooper, Mario and Luigi RPG3 is available for Nintendo DS as a Japanese version.

Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!JPN US$ 44.99


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