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When mecha divas sing: Composite Ver.Ka, Unlimited Blade Works Rin, Nendoroid Elsie, K-ON! Prize - Ui Hirasawa, Figuarts Sentomaru, MH Chibi - Narugakuruga & more!

One package, two divas. Hatsune Miku goes extra cyber by collaborating with Fei Yen from Dennou Senki Virtual-ON. The mecha designer Katoki Hajime brings the cyber Diva to a new plane. Unlock this module when you play Project Diva Extend and install Composite Ver. Ka in your display case.

Slip the visor on Miku and turn her into a mecha. Her outfit and body feature extra lines and plates and a CD-ROM back pack. Wave her arms, let her float in the air and create all her dance steps and performances with this figure. Although the color scheme remains the same, the painter gives the figure more contrast by strengthening the greens and darkening the blacks.

The Composite ver. Ka Diva comes with all her props. Wave leeks in Cyber Land:

Virtual On Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Composite Ver.Ka VR-014/HD Fei-Yen HDJPN N/Asold

Rin is a magician prodigy and one of the most beautiful and popular anime girls. She is the personification of playfulness, determination and fire. Here, the crimson devil lands gracefully in the middle of her servant - Archer's magical dimension.

The Unlimited Blade Works is a deep, dark, but powerful place full of blades, and it's here that Rin will release the full force of her gemstones. The coloring is perfect, the rich, dark hair seems to have a life of its own and Rin's posture is dynamic. Her package comes with her gem stones and her knife, so switch them around to see all of Rin's tricks.

Tohsaka Rin plays a major role in the Unlimited Blade Works film, let her take center stage in your collection.

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Tohsaka RinJPN N/Asold

Stray demons lurk everywhere and Elsie is here to hunt them down. She has the broom, her sash and her glass jar. Wind the fluffy pink sash around her shoulders and place the jar in her hands, she has all the hand parts to hold her gear.

Her expressiveness is part of her charm, her package comes with her smiling face, the giddy grin, the weeping face and the dotty eyed comical expression. She can throw tantrums by waving her arms around, or rush toward her goal, her feet moving so fast that it becomes a flurry of movement. Assemble the arms and feet effect pieces to her to make her more dynamic.

Your trusty side-kick Elsie is here:

Nendoroid No. 184 The World God Only Knows: ElsieJPN N/Asold

Here's your morning call. The warm and delicious scent of fried eggs are wafting through the air. Couple that with the sight of the gentle little sister Ui, and everyone can wake up happy. Ui leaves the TV screen to be your keeper.

Everything about her is soft and comforting. She matches the green of her uniform with a custard yellow apron and her slippers are a peach pink, perfectly sweet and homey. Even the base of the figure spots a wooden pattern. But Ui is not Ui until she shows off her home-keeping skills, and cooking is what she does. The sunny side ups are done just right.

There are all sorts of little sisters, but Ui is the model:

K-On! Non Scale Pre-Painted Premium PVC Figure: Hirasawa Ui (Sunny-Side up)JPN N/Asold

It's not always smooth sailing for the Straw Hat Pirates, the marines are still hot on their trail. Having showed off his powers and wounded Luffy fatally prior to the two year gap, the giant warrior Sentomaru sets off to chase after the crew again. Sentomaru is true to his name, he is one battler of a peach.

His face is round and his belly is massive, he is the very picture of a sumo wrestler. Although he isn't scaled, he is threateningly large compared to the pirates. Just slip the huge axe into his grasp and he'll can have the world bowing down to him.

The chase is on, give your display an extra bit of danger:

One Piece Figuarts Zero Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: SentomaruJPN N/Asold

Spiky, fierce and very cute. The monsters all go through a rounding process when they invade the Airu village. Yes, they are the enemy characters, they trash the place, but they do so in a monstrously adorable way. Creeping low, with eyes bright and the stinger at the ready, this tiny little dragon looks like puppy learning how to fight.

The figure needs assembling, since this is a softby figure, putting it together is extremely easy. If the parts are difficult to assemble, soften it by warming the joining area with water of 40 degrees celsius. Please do not soak it or the dragon will be disfigured.

Harness the Narugakuruga dragon:

Monster Hunter - Poka Poka Airu Mura Pre-Painted PVC Figure: NarugakurugaJPN N/Asold

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