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Where everyone goes: Haruhi Suzumiya's Disappearance, Blazblue Original Soundtrack, Super Robot Taisen L - in New Items in the Auction House

The Auction House receives new things every day, keep a look out for Collectible items, Limited Edition and real classics that may be already out of print.

Find Haruhi in Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoshitsu. Christmas is coming and Haruhi commands that everyone prepare for a party with hotpot dinner and lots of fun. Since everyone in the brigade exists to keep her happy, all members spend days to prepare.

However, one day, something weird happens. Haruhi disappeared, Mikuru claims that she doesn't know Kyon and Yuki becomes the sole member of the literature club. And on top of that, she has developed emotions and is shy. Have Kyon ended up in an alternate universe? Or is one of the espers in the school behind the strange occurrence?

The Limited Edition comes with bonus video clips and items. The DVD is in Mint Condition. Although the shrink wrap may be missing, the disc and all contents inside is as good as new. Please bid for it here!

BlazBlue, the high speed 2D fighter is one of the most successful fighting games released ever. Fall further into the excitement by playing the Original Sountrack. When porting the game to PlayStation3 and Xbox360, the developers took care to incorporate brand new elements and new music to go with it.

Besides seventeen new tracks, there are two noteworthy character songs. One of them is the theme of Noel, Love so Blue~Ao no Kodou, sung by her voice actress Kondo Kanako and the other one is Shishigami Vang's Omae no Tessui ni Kugi wo Ute, sung by Kageyama Hironobu.

The album is in Mint Condition. Although the outer shrink wrap may have been removed, the disc and the booklet inside are as good as new. Please bid for it here.

Mankind have conquered space travels and have set up colonies on distant planets. With more resources, mankind should prosper, however, the awakening of the ancient evil kingdom put a halt on all things. The war with this enemy causes earth to fall into a food crisis, and so taxes and demand on the colonies rise.

The war that spreads across the galaxy and all your favorite mecha anime series is breaking out. Take your mecha and become a war hero. Older mecha such as the Gundams in Seed and Destiny, newer ones, such as the Macross F Valkyries and Kurogane no Linbarrel will be available for piloting.

Protect the colonies and the galaxy, Super Robot Taisen L is available to Nintendo DS gamers.

The copy of Super Robot Taisen L is a Brand New Item. The winner of the bidding wars can have the pleasure of ripping the plastic wrappings off their very own copy. Please bid for it here.


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