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失意的小說家清水健二(西島秀俊 飾),和妻子(小山田小百合 飾)的關係也走入倦怠期。然而與妻子出遊找靈感時,他遇見一對奇特的老男少女配搭──年過半百的佐原(北野武 飾)和年輕美麗的美樹(忽那汐里 飾)。自那天起兩人的影像在健二的腦海中揮之不去。健二禁不住慾望竟開始偷窺他們的房間。他發現佐原在偷拍熟睡的美樹,而健二則偷窺他的偷拍。因為好奇心 的驅使,加上犯罪的刺激感催化之下,創作膠着的健二,迷上他們的奇妙關係,無法自拔…

Novelist Kenji Shimizu and his wife, Aya, are set to enjoy a relaxing week-long vacation at a seaside resort. Kenji has been in a creative slump, despite the success of his first novel a few years ago. His doubts have coerced him to accept a corporate job at summer's end. Aya, an editor, pushes him to write, but her ambition begins to create a rift in their marriage.
While lounging at the pool, Kenji notices a couple composed of sexy young woman Miki and older man Sahara. Kenji and Aya joke about this odd couple's relationship, and innocent curiosity plants a seed in the writer's imagination.
The following day, Kenji stumbles upon the couple leaving a local bistro. He questions the quirky owner who then reveals cryptic hints about the couple's past. Kenji becomes even more fascinated, luring him to peep into the couple??s room late at night. He is surprised to see Sahara methodically filming Miki while she sleeps.
Kenji makes contact with Sahara late night at the pool. The possessive lovestruck man confesses his desire to record Miki sleeping daily. Sahara's obsession with beautiful Miki incites Kenji's senses and begins to free him of his writer's block.
But the young man's fixation with the mysterious couple spirals. Kenji becomes a stalker, even sneaking into the couple's room in search for answers. But the more he discovers, the less he understands, except for an escalating sense of danger...

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