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Why do we work? - For a lazy life - Annie no Atlier, for duty- Phantom Brave, for our motherland - Empire: Total War, for the innocents - Kat-Tun: Rescue, for justice - Castlevania Judgment OST, for survival - Tohoshinki & more!

Once upon a time, there is a girl called Annie, she is so lazy and unruly that her parents have lost all hope in her.

However, one day, Annie's grandfather, a famed alchemist, came up with a good idea. He sent her to an island and commanded her to develop it into a resort site.

At first, the lazy girl cannot be bothered about her grandfather's request, but after having a look at the tasks involved and the chance to marry the prince, Annie decides to work hard, for once in her life, as she knew that by becoming a princess, she would never have to work again.

Work hard for the sake of a leisurely life and develop your own resort. You have to battle monsters in the area to collect materials for alchemy, enlist the help of people to manage your resort and enter contests to gain the title of the master to marry the prince.

Annie no Atelier: Sera Shima no RenkijutsushiJPN N/A sold
Annie no Atelier: Sera Shima no Renkijutsushi [Premium Box]JPN N/A sold

The Premium Edition contains the game soft and SD figures of Annie and Pepe.

From the publisher: Colorful, witty, and addictively challenging, Phantom Brave brings exciting tactical RPG gameplay to Wii™, taking advantage of the system’s unique features to create an allnew experience that is fun for veterans of the original game and newcomers as well.

Incredibly intricate, finely-balanced strategic gameplay compliments a fantastical tale of courage and duty. Already one of the highest reviewed strategy RPGs of all-time, this Wii remake is certain to win over a whole new host of fans!

From Nippon Ichi of Disgaea fame, Phantom Brave stars a cast of cute characters and intriguing tactical game play. So take up your Wii™ remote controls now and off you go to battle:

Phantom Brave WiiJPN US$ 25.99 1-5d

The US version will come in June and is currently available as a preorder:

Phantom Brave: We Meet AgainUS US$ 31.99 1-2w

From the publisher: Command the seas, control the land, forge a new nation, and conquer the globe. Empire: Total War takes the Total War franchise to the eighteenth century Age of Enlightenment - a time of political upheaval, military advancements, and radical thought, captured in stunning detail in Empire: Total War.

Empire: Total War introduces a host of revolutionary new features, including true 3D naval combat. For the first time in the Total War series, you will be able to intuitively command single ships or vast fleets upon seascapes rich with extraordinary water and weather effects that play a huge role in your eventual glorious success or ignominious defeat.

After pummeling your enemy with cannon fire, close in to grapple their ship and prepare to board, taking control of your men as they fight hand-to-hand on the decks of these wooden behemoths.

Brains and muscles, land and sea battles, you have to fully activate all of your resources to win this war. Empire: Total War is available as an Asian version for PC.

Empire: Total War (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold

The US version is also arriving any minute now:

Empire: Total War (DVD-ROM)US N/A sold

Following right behind One Drop is Kat-Tun's second single in 2009. This is the theme song for the TV drama "Rescue - Special rescue force".

The song gives you a 5 minute encapsulation of the excitement of the series. Starting with the rhythm of heart beats, the first few clauses of the song already portrays the danger and critical situations that the heroes of the drama goes through in a constant basis.

The lyrics denotes the determination of the protagonists. They have survived some very taxing training and have sworn to keep you safe no matter what. Let Kat-Tun lift you out of bad spirits through their heavy, fast paced dance beat.

Kat-Tun's newest single Rescue is available in three versions:

RescueJPN US$ 9.90 5-15d
Rescue [CD+DVD Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Rescue [First Press]JPN N/A sold

The CD+DVD Limited Edition carries a music video clip of Rescue and the Making-of processes.

Castlevania Judgement is the ultimate crossover of all games in the franchise, the casts of familiar, well loved and memorable characters make their appearances in the fighting arena for one earthshaking showdown.

To portray the full scale of this grand game, popular tracks throughout the history of Castlevania are taken and arranged to give listeners a larger impact and breathless experience.

Face the vampires and its slayers through music in Castlevania Judgement. The Original Soundtrack of this gothic, extravagant fighter is available for:

Akumajou Dracula Judgment Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 34.99 5-15d

Enormously popular throughout Asia, Dong Bang Shin Ki a.k.a Tohoshinki the Korean boy band has announced the release of their fourth album, and this single Survivor is both part of the promotional campaign and a pioneer for this disc.

The pioneer is a strong beat, fast paced song that leaves its listeners breathless and serves as a wonderful appetizer for their soon-to-be released CD album.

Feel the strength of the rhythm and enjoy the visuals this band creates with their CD+DVD Limited Edition, by watching the music video clips of the song.

Survivor 090325 4th Album - The Secret Code [CD+DVD Limited Edition Jacket A]JPN N/A sold
Survivor 090325 4th Album - The Secret Code [Limited Edition Jacket B]JPN N/A sold

Also in stock today:

Nintendo Wii™
Sonic to Ankoku no KishiJPN N/A sold

Nintendo DS™
Habu Yoshiharu Shougi de Kitaeru: Ketsudanryoku DSJPN US$ 44.90 1w
Simple DS Series Vol. 43: The Host Shiyouze! DX Knight KingJPN US$ 11.90 1-2w

Also in stock today:

Square Enix Final Fantasy Dissidia StrapJPN N/A sold

An excerpt of Japanese music and movies update:

Always (~June)JPN N/A sold
Amadeus Director's Cut (~F.murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, ...)JPN US$ 47.90 5-15d
Bondage [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Nana Kitade)JPN N/A sold
Dakishimete Dakishimete [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Berryz Kobo)JPN US$ 23.90 5-15d
Dance Dance Revolution X & Furu Furu Party Original SoundtrackJPN N/A sold
Eiji Kikumaru Ga Utau Doyo Meikyokushu - Family De Tanoshim (The Prince Of Tennis Character CD) [Limited Edition] (~Eiji Kikumaru)JPN US$ 23.90 5-15d
Insomnia [Limited Edition] (~Chihiro Onitsuka)JPN US$ 30.90 5-15d
Mar Maroon (~12012)JPN US$ 28.90 5-15d
Nudy Xxxremixxxxxxx Show (~Anna Tsuchiya)JPN US$ 23.90 5-15d
Redeemer [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~D'espairsray)JPN N/A sold
Sugar High [Limited Edition] (~Chihiro Onitsuka)JPN US$ 30.90 5-15d
This Armor [Limited Edition] (~Chihiro Onitsuka)JPN US$ 30.90 5-15d


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