Woodcutter Simulator

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Version: Europe
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Woodcutter Simulator
Woodcutter Simulator
Woodcutter Simulator

Product Features

  • Multiplayer capability: Play with friends on a LAN or the Internet
  • New Fällbagger (Harvester)
  • Weather effects, lighting and glare
  • Fully Revised 3D landscape
  • New Tutorial Level
  • Numerous new functions
  • Whole trunks or logs to be delivered
  • Profile management for multiple players

Item Description

The smell of male sweat, tree resin and spicy forest air in the air - the Woodcutter Simulator 2011 - Multiplayer Edition is used. In this game for the PC, the player is master of a modern wood processing plant.Here one must assume tasks polynuclear men - as if you were even in the forests of Canada site. In the elaborately staged simulation, the player takes care of all aspects of timber production and processing.To do that, have huge machines with powerful engines are started and controlled. You control the lumberjack simulator all sorts of vehicles including large Fällbagger (Harvester), which saw off a tree in seconds and free of all the branches. With the tractor, the trees are pulled out of the woods - right into the sawmill where the logs are processed into logs. The reclaimed wood reached with the help of cranes to transport trucks.There is much to do in the woods. Lumberjack simulator, the player receives many questions which will need to be partially done in a given period of time. Those who have mastered all tasks may, in the "free play" go ahead and call to your heart's desire "Timber".

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