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X'mas Collections From Square Enix, feat. Bravely Default!

Deck the hall with lots of moogles - chocobo, cactuar, and bahamut~
Tis the season to be spoony - airships and summons plus lots of gil~


Right on the dot, year after year, once the spooky scary skeleton sounds of Halloween shut off, we all know what that means! Non-stop 24 hour repeats of everyone's favorite jam: X'mas music! Well, not really, but it can be, especially when Square-Enix remixes timeless classics of their own OSTs Christmas style!

Featuring tracks that any Square-Enix music aficionado will recognize - such as songs from multiple Final Fantasies, Secret of Mana, Live A Live, Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday, Saga Frontier, and more! Each song is remixed with Christmas themed instruments such as sleigh bells, marching drums, and other yuletide instruments. For the Bravely Default album, all the wonderful tracks from this touching RPG are remixed in the same fashion.

Definitely a welcome change and perfect for any gamer who needs a stocking stuffer during the holiday season!

Special Notable Tracks to look out for:

Christmas Collections Music From Square Enix: Jeuno -Starlight Celebration ~ Final Fantasy 9/ X'Mas Edit
Christmas Collections 2 Music From Square Enix: Shoujo Rydia ~ Final Fantasy 4/ X'mas Edit
X'mas Collections Music From Bravely Default: Horizon of Light and Shadow ~ Eternity's Moment / X'mas Edit

For a full track listing, check out the product pages!

Christmas Collections Music From Square Enix JPN US$ 17.995-15d
Christmas Collections 2 Music From Square Enix JPN sold
X'mas Collections Music From Bravely Default JPN US$ 27.995-15d

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