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Yoshiyuki Okuyama: The Town You Live In [Reprinted Edition]

Version: Japan
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A record of the "old days" of today's hottest actresses and the ever-changing city of Tokyo.

This photo book is a compilation of the serialization that appeared in the magazine "EYESCREAM." In addition to the star-studded cast, the novel approach of shooting exclusively with a Polaroid camera brought out a new side of the subjects, which caused quite a stir.
Another star of this book is the scenery of Tokyo. The city of Tokyo as captured by Okuyama is valuable not only as a record of pre-Olympic Tokyo but also as a unique image burned onto Polaroid film, thanks to his unique perspective and graphical composition. In producing the reprint, we kept the original page composition but revised the printing process from scratch and changed the color of the cover base, aiming to create a finish that feels partially updated. This book allows you to revisit the city of Tokyo and its 35 actresses "back then".


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