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Zombie Hunting School Girls Coming to PS4!!

School Girl/Zombie Hunter
PlayStation®4 | Release date: Jan 12., 2017

School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 62.99 24h

Let's see, Zombies? Schoolgirls? Guns? Wooden swords? And set in a high school? This all seems dead familiar. What's going on here?! 

From the people who brought you Onechanbaracomes a new, upcoming title! School Girl/Zombie Hunter follows the story of five girls caught up in a zombie outbreak (obviously). Trapped within what was once a prestigious school, the girls take up arms as they shoot and bash their way through the zombie hordes. 

Now how are a bunch of schoolgirls going to survivor being attacked by zombies you might ask? Well here's the thing, this isn't just any old school. Along side the literary arts they teach military arts as well, and these girls are packing some serious fire power! 

Here's a quick run down of the girls:
  • Enami Kamijo (VA: Sayaka Senbongi) - Weapons: Sniper Rifle & Kick attacks
  • Rei Kanazaki (VA: Kaori Ishihara) - Weapons: Shotgun & Karate
  • Sayuri Akiba (VA: Asuka Ogame) - Weapons: Handgun & Wooden Sword
  • Risa Kubota (VA: Saori Onishi) - Weapons: Assault Rifle & Naginata
  • Mayaya Himeji (VA: Chinami Hashimoto) - Weapons: Sub-machine gun & Baseball bat 

Anna from Onechanbara (did we mention this takes place in the same universe) will be showing up to supply the girls with weapons and relief items via her drones. 

Much like Onechanbara this game will also have its special brand naughty elements and sexy features! One doesn't battle zombies hand-to-hand and come out unscathed. The zombies will rip and tear at the girls uniforms as they attack, and eventually after enough damage, they'll be left running round in their underwear. However, these are oddly pervy zombies, and the girls have figured a brilliant decoy strategy. When zombies are rushing towards them, they can strip off their uniforms and chuck them across the room. Lured by the girl's scent the zombies will leap after the uniforms, and the girls can take out the zombies from a safe distance. You can even instruct the other girls to do the same if needed.

School Girl/ Zombie Hunter will be release on Jan 12, 2017. Pre-orders now available! 
School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 62.99 24h

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