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Zombies, Stalkers and Karaoke - Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Lips Party Classics, Chopper figures & more!

Many have enjoyed killing zombies over the past year, those who have not yet joined the spree, do so now. The Gold Edition is an evolved, best priced version of Biohazard 5, so, less pricey and more fun.

Lost in Nightmares, the new episode gives you more infected to shoot, you can unlock new costumes and engage in new challenges in The Mercenaries Reunion game mode.

The package comes with an extra figure and the online VERSUS mode. Connect with four other players on the net and see who can kill the most powerful enemies in town.

The Japanese version, named Alternative Edition was out last month, here are the English versions. The US editions will come this Friday:

Resident Evil 5: Gold EditionASIA N/A sold
Resident Evil 5: Gold EditionUS N/A sold

Resident Evil 5: Gold EditionUS US$ 19.99 1-2w

From the publisher: Year: 2012, Place: Pripyat, the wasted city near Chernobyl, site of the world’s most devastating nuclear accident.

Decades later, unstable and inexplicable artifacts with malevolent powers are discovered within the zone.

High risks do not stop the S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs, paramilitary adventurers and looters from entering the zone for profit. They are willing to face death to make a fortune by retrieving and selling those precious artifacts.

When 5 military helicopters disappear in the zone, you must go undercover as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R and face off against mutants, an onslaught of enemy creatures, and other bizarre atrocities that reveal the true face of terror.

The Collector's edition has area map, tech-tree poster and stickers. The game is available on PC.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (Collector's Edition) (DVD-ROM)US N/A sold

From the publisher: Who needs the lyrics? You know them by heart; everyone knows them by heart…more or less. They are the songs that get us out of our seats and into the moment, they get the party started.

Microsoft Game Studios and iNiS will capture the magic of these songs in Lips: Party Classics, the newest title to join the Lips singing sensation exclusive to Xbox 360®. Lips: Party Classics will let party goers experience their favorite tunes from their beloved karaoke venues right in their own living rooms.

Let the festivities commence with the wide selection of 40 peppy, festive, dramatic, and exhilarating songs included in the game. These are the songs you love to sing even if the singing itself is so bad it’s good – these tunes will unite friends and family with fun and spontaneity.

Grab a mic and sing with friends, all your favourite classics are available for:

Lips Party ClassicsUS N/A sold

Here are some wacky faces. Chopper is here to make you laugh, and keep your laughing. The fifth volume of Chopper figures show the little elk in hysterics. What is giving the little doctor a shock like this? With a dribble of snots from his nose and little rivers of tears from his eyes, it's hard not to laugh at his antics.

Lying under the sun in a pair of sun glasses, Chopper looks like the super star that he is. Maybe it's not summer in the northern hemisphere yet, but by the look of his face, we all feel a ray of sunshine on our faces and on our tummies. Put this figure on your window sill and enjoy the sun with him.

Nothing goes without beer. No matter whether it's Sakura season, a day at the beach, a full moon night or a snowy evening. Chopper looks a little drunk here, with arrow shaped eyes and a large grin. The beer spilling effect is made from clear plastic, shine a light on it to see it glow. Don't your want to open a can yourself?

The Choppers are available today:

One Piece Chopper kumitateshiki Figure 5 Pre-Painted Mini Figure: Chopper Type AJPN N/A sold
One Piece Chopper kumitateshiki Figure 5 Pre-Painted Mini Figure: Chopper Type BJPN N/A sold
One Piece Chopper kumitateshiki Figure 5 Pre-Painted Mini Figure: Chopper Type CJPN N/A sold

PC Game

Supreme Commander 2 (DVD-ROM)US US$ 24.90 5-15d


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