PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, PC | Genre: Cyberpunk Shooter

Before the internet, before e-mail, before Cortana, and before all the tiny devices that allow us to carry a computer in our pockets, there was cyberpunk, and science fiction changed forever. This literary subgenre is normally focused on stories set in a near-future Earth in which cyborg, hackers, megacorporations, and hard-boiled detectives are involved in a vast array of conflicts. The word Cyberpunk has been used for the first time as the title of a short story written by Bruce Bethke and published in 1983 on the US magazine Amazing Stories, since then it has been used to indicate hundreds of movies, RPGs, anime, fashion styles, music products, and video games. We’re pretty sure that all of you know Blade Runner, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Shadowrun, and Johnny Mnemonic.

Ruiner is the latest cyberpunk video game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Set during the year 2091 in the futuristic metropolis of Rengkok, a dark place made of colossal skyscrapers and narrow alleys; a city where normal gray people walk below on the grimy, flashy streets of the neon lights. You’re one of these people, a nameless killer which mission is to eliminate the boss of “Heaven”, an evil megacorporation who rule over the city. Fully loaded with epic non-stop action, and cinematic action movie battles, your LED-masked avatar must shoot hard to make his way through countless tech-tricksters, analog riffraff, digital gangsters, and cyborgs.

Savvy implemented with braincrashing puzzle, and RPG elements, Ruiner is a harsh title that will force you to improve your skills to the limit, earning skill points to overclock your abilities (without omit the hi-tech gadgets) to the max, in this way you’ll be able to dash more times in a row or slow down time to aim at your target undisturbed without miss the hit, within 80s style areas a full of a claustrophobic excess of machinery, clusters of electronic junk, and toxic mist.

Be prepared to dismantle all those tyrannous cybernetic abominations in this dazzling whirlwind of cyber-violence that recall the genre milestones of William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and Pat Cadigan!

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