Halloween Promotion


Halloween is coming, a chill in the air, frosty mornings?
Well just another good excuse to celebrate Halloween with us by staying in, keeping warm and G’G’GGGAAME!

Scottish poet Robert Burns’s 1785 poem “Halloween” details the pranks the country folk play on each other while supernatural beings do their Earthly errands.
Well our audience certainly knows how to play and as far as Supernatural goes, we have the games for that too.

We have discounts on Games, Digital Codes plus lots of Lifestyle goodies –  T-shirts, Movies, Books and much more!
Or browse our extensive library of Spooky, Slasher, Halloween and Horror classics!
Pumpkins + Controllers at the ready….

Halloween Promotion


Treat yourself and check out the Halloween Game promotions below.
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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (Multi-Language) – $39.99 17.5% off
Iwaihime Matsuri PS VITA – Now US$49.99 – 9% off
Iwaihime Matsuri PS4 Japanese – Now 59.99 – 6% off
Friday the 13th: The Game – US PS4 US$39.99
White Day: A Lanyrinth Named School (English + Chinese subs) – US$29.99

More Scary Picks
Dark Souls III
Dark Souls II – PS3, 75% off – Limited copies only
Little Nightmares
The Evil Within 2
YouKai Watch
Demon’s Souls (Greatest Hits) – PS3 US, 17% off
Blood Borne
Fear 2 – PC version only US$9.99
Dead by Daylight – Special Edition
Mary Skelter: Nightmares


Pay less and play more with our Digital card promotions below. Next week we will have a new bundle of discounted cards for you, so stay tuned.

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DMM Gift Card 5000 YEN Japan – Now US$49.99 – 3.85% off – Check out the DMM Gift Cards full news article LINK
Playstation Network 50 USD PSN Card US – Now US$49.99 – 5.66% off
PlayStation Network 10000 YEN PSN Card Japan – Now US$96.99
PlayStation Newtwork 500 HKD PSN Card Hong Kong – Now US$68.99
PSN Cards

Scary Picks:
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (STEAM)
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location (STEAM)  Only US$3.23
The Evil Within 2 (STEAM)
2Dark (STEAM)
Diablo III (Battle.net DIGITAL)
Zombi (UPlay DIGITAL)


Welcome, Hallowieners, to our scary assortment of spooky stuff!

J-horror, K-horror, splatter-wear and blood-drenched books, you find it all if you dare to click there. And if you’re too scared, go cry for your MUMMY!  MUAHAHAHAHAHA.!

Click HERE and see all that our Lifestyle Halloween spooky collection has to offer.

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Halloween Promotion

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