STURMWIND – Back by Popular Demand, Fully Re-Stocked and Available!



Dreamcast™ (DC™) – AVAILABLE NOW!

Back by popular demand is Sturmwind, fully re-stocked and available now!  Strap into the pilot’s seat, Sturmwind needs you to defend the homeworld in this classic 2D shoot’em up with vertical scrolling from Dreamcast, with great spectacular effects and animations.

Sturmwind (Dreamcast™, EUR)US$ 32.99 24hr shipping

After the original release, Sturmwind attracted a lot of international press since it’s inception, and rightly so!  This title is a love letter to the golden age of SHMUPS – vertical scrolling, and this game takes the Dreamcast console to new heights, utilizing a clever hybrid 2D/3D engine.

In relation to the system’s age, Sturmwind looks and feels absolutely amazing.  With 16 levels and 7 worlds, 20 giant bosses and over 100 enemies, one can expect an encapsulating shmup experience as you search for the “Mother”, the planet of our ancestors!

Check out the video trailer below:

With this game running on a hybrid 2D/3D game engine it isn’t your run-of-the-mill side scroller.  As you progress through the game you will encounter hundreds of different enemies – but don’t get too distracted by the artwork or the immersive audio because enemies will eventually start coming from all directions!  With multiple weapons and upgrades you’ll have to choose what will suit your needs best, all on the fly.

There are two different game modes in Sturmwind, Arcade and Normal.  Arcade mode has 6 stages and allows the player to add even more of a challenge by removing the save and continue features, while Normal mode has 16 stages and enables auto-save and level selection after completion.  If competition is more your scene, have no fear!  The game comes with online leader boards so you can beat out your friends and strangers alike. The game also includes a trophy system so the replay-ability of the game skyrockets.

Sturmwind is region-free and supports both PAL at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, as well as NTSC and VGA.  The arcade stick (both analog and digital) as well as the standard joypad can be used, with all controls configurable.  As well, VMU and rumble pack support are enabled, and it is the first commercial game that used the SD-card adapter.  On the SD-card it is possible to save replays, high-scores and even add-ons.


  • 16 stages
  • 3 selectable difficulty levels
  • Configurable controls
  • Adjustable screen position
  • Different weapons selectable
  • More than 20 large boss enemies
  • Hundreds of different enemies
  • FMV intro sequence
  • Hybrid 2D/3D game engine
  • Resolution 640×480
  • PAL50, PAL60, NTSC and VGA (with Adapter) compatible
  • CDDA Sound
  • Works with any MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast
  • Supports Joypad, Arcade Stick (Analog/Digital), VMU, and Rumble Pack
  • Internet Hi-Score Tables
  • Award Bonus System with unlockable content



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