My Wallet Needs Healing! It’s Nendoroid Genji & Hanzo!!

Nendoroid Overwatch® Genji & Hanzo

It looks like two more faces from the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch will joining the Nendoroid family. With the coming releases of the two dragon brothers of the Shimada clan, it’s Genji & Hanzo! They’ll be the fourth and fifth characters respectively to join Overwatch Nendoroid series, as well as being the first male characters. Both of them have been adorably recreated in the Nendoroid style with some design innovations not seen in previous figures.

Nendoroid No. 838 Overwatch: Genji Classic Skin Edition

Nendoroid No. 838 Overwatch: Genji Classic Skin Edition (HK)US$ 39.99 pre

First up Genji, the cybernetically enhanced ninja. He was revived by Overwatch to take down his crime syndicate family that murdered him. Modeled after Genji’s Classic Skin, this figure will come with a double-jointed neck giving him a wider selection of angles, more so than previous Nendoroids. His chest armor also features moving parts for a greater range of motion for his arms. The combination of these two features allows for articulation fitting for an acrobatic ninja.

He’ll come with several effects parts and accessories. One being the sparrow’s feather that was featured in the animated short “Dragons”. The effects parts to recreate his “Deflect” ability and “Dragonblade” Ultimate are made with translucent green plastic to replicate the look of the game. He’ll also come with several option hand parts, including one hand to recreate his “Shuriken” and “Fan of Blades” ability. Of course, Genji also comes equipped with his katana named “Ryūichi moji” and a traditional wakizashi.

Nendoroid No. 839 Overwatch: Hanzo Classic Skin Edition

Nendoroid No. 839 Overwatch: Hanzo Classic Skin Edition (HK)US$ 39.99 pre

Now for Genji’s older brother and the man who killed him, Hanzo. The eldest Shimada brother was next in line to take over the crime family but the task of murdering his rogue brother. That drove him to reject his family’s legacy. He then left the clan and is now constantly being hunted by them. Much like his brother, Hanzo’s figure has really captured his look in the Nendoroid style. Everything from his facial hair, to the details on his clothes, and most importantly his dragon tattoo.

He’ll come with a special hand used for drawing the arrow in his Strom Bow and even comes with both a regular arrow and a scattershot arrow. Also, like his brother Hanzo will come with an effect’s part made of translucent plastic to simulate his Ultimate ability, the imposing looking “Dragonstrike”. In addition to all that, Hanzo comes with two faceplates and optional hand parts to recreate his ability to climb up ledges.

Joining Mei, Mercy, and Tracer, both of these look to be excellent additions to the growing series of Overwatch Nendoroid figures. Even if you’re not a Genji or Hanzo main, these would be great to add to your collections. Both Nendoroids are available for pre-order and the deadline will be on December 04th, 2017, because to secure yours before then!

Nendoroid No. 838 Overwatch: Genji Classic Skin Edition (HK)US$ 39.99 pre
Nendoroid No. 839 Overwatch: Hanzo Classic Skin Edition (HK)US$ 39.99 pre

Of course, that isn’t all there is for Overwatch! Click here for more merch or if you haven’t even picked up the game yet!

Nendoroid No. 730 Overwatch: Tracer Classic Skin Edition (JPN)US$ 39.99
Nendoroid No. 757 Overwatch: Mei Classic Skin Edition (JPN)US$ 39.99
figma Overwatch: Genji (JPN)US$ 64.99

Overwatch [Collector’s Edition] (US)US$ 149.99
Overwatch (Origins Edition) BATTLE.NET DIGITAL (Region Free)US$ 42.82
Overwatch [Game of the Year Edition] (Europe)US$ 53.99

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Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Overwatch Edition)US$ 199.99

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