Let’s blast them to pieces!

Azur Lane

iOS, Android | Genre:  Shooting RPG

Welcome to the Girls’ Naval Academy of Azur Lane.

This newly established academy is born to select, educate, train and prepare civilians to be military and maritime leaders capable to take charge in any situation, to face – and win – the challenges of tomorrow, and to always lead their crews by example and inspiration.

Developing leadership, and battles capabilities this is surely one of the biggest challenging military academies all around the world. Joining the Azur Lane’s family you’ll not only be educated in the military field, but you’ll also grow as a leader perfecting a vast and complex mixture of qualities, behavior, and knowledge, resulting in something much more valuable than the sum of the single parts. Remember that leading from the front and leading by examples is the best way of conducts that a naval officer must always pursuit.

The values of honour and responsibility, which are the essential characteristics of all military officers, will be developed through integrated programs that will involve mind, spirit, and body in an even more complex system of study, training, and real naval missions in which you’ll be called to show your own skills against enemy fleets involved in conquering mission through the seven seas immersing you also in every day’s maritime life.

Following the instructions of the senior girlships, you’ll face very different duties such as launching aircrafts or missiles launching missiles, keeping sea lanes open, and sink all those ships who declared war to the people’s freedom delivering also humanitarian relief among a dramatic story which will give you the incredible opportunity to develop dynamic relationships with your colleagues.

Have a brand new fleet combat experiences leading the girls to the victor using the most advanced weaponry, and special tactical skills that will bring honor and pride to the Academy. The girlish version of more than 100 ships from the most powerful fleets are ready to do their part in the battlesea, names like HMS Queen Elizabeth, KMS Prinz Eugen, the USS Fletcher, and the IRN Kagerō are still famous between the lovers of navy’s history.

In war power is all, so don’t forget to check the Academy’s shop to check and possibly purchase all the latest technological improvements. They’ll help you during the missions to be more efficient using something that opponents still ignore. Tell us what’s on your mind, and the shop will provide you the needed materials to craft it!

So, if you want to be challenged by great teachers who will expect much of you if you want to discover your leadership potential, and if want to have fun (while battling hard, too), then download Azur Lane on your iOS or Android device NOW!

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