From student to worlds’ savior!


Blue Reflection

PlayStation®4 | Genre: Relationship-based JRPG

Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School is a selective academy for girls aged between 14 and 18. Our students achieve at the highest academic level, and the vast majority of them move into higher education including Tokyo Daigaku and Waseda and with an increasing number of students gaining places at Ivy League universities or medical schools, enjoying positive and co-operative relationships with the teachers. We encourage our students to be active and responsible citizens through a variety activities which encourages integration between the year groups and provides leadership opportunities. Outside of the classroom, we provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including tennis, music, drama and ballet clubs that allow them to develop and prepare for life beyond the school and to develop them for their future careers.

Hinako Shirai is a student of this school, and her life changed drastically the day when she met her two new mysterious classmates: Yuzuki Shijou and Raimu Shijou. Soon after a tragic accident who caused a serious leg injury, the two sisters healed Hinako using magic, giving her also a special power that can change her into a “Reflector”. Using the magical power of the “ether” a Reflector can easily travel to different dimensions to fight the wicked beings that aim to conquer and rule over the Earth, and more a Reflector will improve her relationships with the others, more powerful spells she can cast.

Blue Reflection for PlayStation 4 sets up a new standard for the genre. Becoming Hinako and aided by the magical twins Yuzuki and Raimu, you’ll begin a journey between “this” and the “other” dimension of the world where mystical beings and colossal beasts and mechanic monsters roam. Strongly inspired by Magic Knight Rayearth and Sailor Moon, the concept of this JRPG is the interaction between people in which the characters will grow experiencing many facts of the life such as friendship or separation sharing them with the classmates. Developing both skills and relationships you’ll become even stronger learning all sorts of powerful spells that can be activated using the fragments of emotions scattered in a new world which represents the human psyche.

The turn-based battle system allows players to think of the best strategy that can save all of us in the fastest way, in addition, Hinako, Yuzuki, and Raimu can combine their powers to unleash their true power. Believe in yourself and see how great could be the effects of your actions in the real world! Join the class of heroines playing with this game full of beautiful characters and a touching story that makes it such a delight, without a miss to listen to the wonderful soundtrack.

Unsheathe your weapon and be the ultimate worlds’ savior with Blue Reflection!

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