Enter in the Digital Wonderland of Japanese PlayStation Store!

With many new releases every week, the Japanese PlayStation Store is one of the biggest digital delivery services for consoles. Here below you may read about the latest hits for PlayStation 4!
Idols, giant insectoid invaders, and samurai are ready to let you pass a very exciting time!
Check all of them, grab your PlayStation Store Instant Digital Cards, and [above all] HAVE FUN!!!!

Idolm@ster: Stella Stage

The fame and success of Idolm@ster series are without parallel! Thanks to hundreds of catchy songs spanned in 12 years of activity, idols such as Haruka Amami, Ritsuko Akizuki, and Azusa Miura have redefined the concept of J-POP music, and paved the way for virtual singers thanks also to their cheerful and colorful onstage presence crossing the bounds of the games’ industry and standing out on many other different media like anime, light novels, TV drama series, and obviously music.

Finally, all is set for a new tour, indeed Idolm@ster: Stella Stage is ready to be released on PlayStation 4!
As the new 765 Production’s A&R Manager your mission is to cast your magic and turn these girls into worldwide beloved super idols. Your duties will be not only to promote your artists in the best way possible but also direct their performances hitting the cues when they fall to ensure that they sing in tune and aim to reach the largest audience!

Obviously more fans you’ll acquire and more money you’ll earn. Use them to unlock new elaborated outfits, new dance moves, and new songs, if you’ll employ the acquired resources savvy, you’ll hugely improve not only the idols’ popularity but also your reputation in the music business.

Create a bond with all of them and work together to reach the top of the charts! Idolm@ster: Stella Stage will give you the unique & exciting chance to take on the challenging role of an A&R Manager for a new band of idols, and nurture their growth, artistic aspirations, career, and even a budding romance!

Leave the fans astonished, be the one and only Idolm@ster!


Earth Defense Force 5

This city is under martial law until we annihilate THEM!
Lovely inspired by the inspired by 50s “B” movies, the -originally- low budget Earth Defense Force series has become through the years one of the most played one worldwide!

The plot is quite simple, a race of insectoid aliens from another world have spread their legs on the Earth, and only you, as a brave soldier of the Earth Defense Force, can save the day, but what makes it great is the HUGE arsenal made by more than 500 powerful weapons, the number of the missions, and above all its unconventionality!

The fifth episode of this long-life series is finally out, and this means that the time to wield hundreds of powerful weapons including assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons and grenade launchers to drive away insect infestation from all enemy fronts has come both for you and your squadmates!

Don’t let aliens invade your home, remember that humans are their food, and they’ll do anything to bring your body to the colony. There is no magic bullet that will get rid of them entirely, but a relentless attack is the key to winning, so get your hands ready for the trigger and shoot.

Featuring new classes, new creatures, and new extermination tools, Earth Defense Force 5 is the ultimate Sci-Fi shooter of the Atomic Age!

Charge into battle as a proud soldier of the EDF’s army!

Slice, Dice & Rice

To become an expert samurai, you must pay close attention to detail, be always calm, and train hard every day under the guidance of a good teacher. Even if a good mind is one of the most powerful weapons, you shouldn’t forget that an excellent technique with katana can help you in the worst situations.

Slice, Dice & Rice for PlayStation 4 will give you the opportunity to combine mind and sword as a unique thing to unleash the ultimate force! Enter in the Japanese underworld to show your skills challenging the toughest warriors, in this incredibly real game a single blow can make the difference between life and death. Choose your hero, each with their own unique style, weapon, and signature kill move, and discover the true reasons behind the mere thrills.

Creativity and fast-thinking are rewarded in this kenjutsu game in which you must battle to become the ultimate survivor. Featuring a mix of art, violence, and action, Slice, Dice & Rice is an action game unlike any other.

Friendship, betrayal, and swords! Walk the way of the samurai via your PlayStation 4!

These are only a few examples of what you can get throw the Japanese PlayStation Store Instant Digital Cards, grab them now and you’ll have the full access to the best games in the neighborhood!
Don’t forget that from today on you can also improve your alchemic skills playing with Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings, the new episode of the legendary JRPG series from Gust!


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