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PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop…but what about Xbox Live? Dear Xbox One owners, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. We know that Xbox Live has a sheer number of amazing games, and we at Play-Asia.com think we’d have a change of pace from the big titles, and the even bigger headlines that follow, and highlight some of the digital titles that are totally worth any gamer’s time and purchase!

Mordheim: City of the Damned – Complete Edition

Tragedies are always just around the corner, especially in the warring fantasy world of Warhammer. Soon after a comet crashed on Mordheim, the City of Damned, it suddenly changed into a shadowy battlefield in which gangs composed by different races have started to fight fiercely to conquer the key locations of the city, and grab all the precious fragments of the gem called Wyrdstone before the rivals.

Mordheim: City of the Damned – Complete Edition is the definitive version of the worldwide acclaimed turn-based tactical game based on the tabletop game published in 1999 by Games Workshop. Turning the famous Warhammer universe into a skirmish game, the player’s objective is to battle with one another for the Wyrdstone and the power on all over the city.

Mixing traditional RPG elements, epic tactical fights, and a deep customization system, in this game you’ll be forced to push your strategy skills to the limit, and no enemy band will be safe from your unstoppable assaults! Build your hideout, recruit new troops, and train them to be the best!
Featuring the full game plus all the DLC expansions released so far (Witch Hunters Warband, Undead Warband, Poison Wind Globadier Hired Sword, Smuggler Hired Sword DLC, Wolf-Priest of Ulric Hired Sword DLC, and Doomweaver Hired Sword DLC), with Mordheim: City of the Damned – Complete Edition you’ll experience a showdown of epic proportions: hundreds of gangs contend for dominance, but only one can survive!

Wield deadly weapons, battle monstrous creatures, cast powerful spells, and unlock the secrets of the Wyrdstone. Prepare to unleash your inner skills a new age has begun and WAR IS EVERYWHERE!


Arise, brave heroes, your services are needed now!
The dreadful red dragon has conquered the castle of Hammerwatch, and this means that your once peaceful hometown is constantly under attack from armies of evil creatures, but the dragon’s plans don’t stop to your land, indeed he’s now bent on universal dominance!

You’re (and your friends) are the only ones who can stop him, become a powerful paladin, a resourceful wizard, an agile thief, a slashing warlock, a healing priest, a tough ranger or the new sorcerer to save the day. Enlist the services of up to three trustworthy friends to aid you online, but act quickly, the dragon’s dark powers grows by the second, and soon no hero will be able to halt his advance!

Inspired by the classic game Gauntlet, Hammerwatch is a fast-paced fantasy-themed hack-and-slash action adventure game that will bring back the glory days of the 80s. Featuring hundreds of different floors full of monsters, and an easy to master editor that allows you to create new maps, Hammerwatch includes all the characteristics who make a hack & slash game a GREAT game!

The Xbox One version includes also the “Temple of the Sun Expansion”, gather your allies and unleash your powers in this pixelated epic fantasy adventure!

Metal Slug 3

After his debacle, General Morden has regained his power, he’s back stronger than ever and now he wants revenge, planning another coup d’état to dominate the entire world. To prevent this the Sparrow Strike Force (Capt. Marco, Lt. Tarma, Sgt. Eri Kasamoto, and Sgt. Fiolina Germi) has been recalled in action to face both terrestrial and extraterrestrial new threats.

Still considered to the best one in the entire series, Metal Slug 3 offers a very original branching path system that allows players to choose a specific path within the levels, each one with their own enemies, length, and difficulty. Leading to the same boss, the player can battle against it using different weapons, and number of rescued hostages. The choice is yours!

With its iconic and humorous style, and its kawaii violence mechanics the fourth episode of this highly acclaimed action series, takes the horizontal shooting genre to a whole new level, you are not merely using rifles or handguns, you are piloting also new vehicles such as the massive Elephant Slug or the intergalactic Astro Slug.

Run, jump, and shoot to prevent the humans’ subjugation while you re-enjoy a great Neo-Geo classic on your Xbox One to deliver maximum destruction and devastation with a single click of a button!

During the winter holiday time there is nothing quite as relaxing as becoming immersed in videogames like the massive worldwide played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the jazzy phantasmagorical Cuphead, and the high-energetic Super Lucky’s Tale! They helps the mind to escape the stresses of life while also sharpening your brain. This is an extremely rewarding activity, useful to raise your strategy skills to live as best as you can in both your digital and real lifes!


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