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From Joy-Cons To Instant Drumsticks – Rock It All Up At Gal Metal!

Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Frustrated performer? Dreaming to be an instant rock star? Well, looks like this game beats right for you, Rocker! The developer and publisher of the game, DMM Games proudly present Gal Metal! This is a heavy metal music genre where you perform on the stage as if you were actually playing with the band. This game is scheduled to release on February 8, 2018, for Nintendo Switch Consoles in Japan. It is up for pre-orders now so hurry and grab your copies!


Gal Metal! (Nintendo™ Switch, JPN)US$ 49.99 pre



The story of the game is a bizarre combination of alien intrusion movies, high school battle of the bands and the hit anime Your Name. The Aliens invade the land of the Japanese town of the game. Unfortunately, a boy and a girl get trapped in the crossfire and are abducted by the aliens. Luckily, the two was sent back to Earth but, it turns out that they have switched bodies.


The boy, who is now trapped in the girls’ body, goes to school and discovers that the girls’ metal band has the capability to take down the aliens and save the planet through using the metal power of the band. In order for you to execute this metal power, you have to work with your band and perform the heaviest metal you can possibly play. The heavier the metal performance you make, the stronger the power you can have to defeat the aliens.





Talking about the gameplay, Gal Metal is a heavy metal drum and rhythm game where the players act as the drummer of the band and perform on stage. Players are going to play the drums through the Joy-Cons of Nintendo Switch waving, striking and hitting it all up in the drums as if it is an actual drumstick. Gal Metal is a whole new type of rhythm game and what’s great about this is that you are allowed to freely compose your own rhythm to play up in your performance. In addition, Gal Metal is not like the other rhythm games where you can see musical notes flying onto the screen for you to hit up. Instead, you will be following some type of note maps in order to hit some repetitive chords. This is actually shown on the second trailer of the game released by DMM games.


The second trailer released is also basically more of like a tutorial on how you are going to play the drums and the mechanics as well. As mentioned earlier, you will be using Joy-Cons as your drumsticks. The right-hand Joy-Con appears to be outlined for the kick drum, while the left-hand Joy-Con is for the snare drum, and lastly, shaking both at once beats the cymbals.


The aim of the game is to sway the Joy-Cons controllers in the perfect timing with the music as you perform. Players will be teaming up with an all-female-teen heavy metal band. Moreover, the manga scenes illustration by Toshinao Aoki is a perfect complement to the theme of the game and fits right in the written scenario by Shuuhou Imai.




  • Metal Power – In order to save the planet, you must fight against alien invaders using metal power, which the aliens are weak against. You can build up metal power by playing heavier metal
  • Use of Joy-Cons – Put on a metal performance by swinging around the left and right Joy-Cons! When swinging the left Joy-Con, the snare drum will sound. When swinging both Joy-Cons, the cymbal will sound. When swinging the right Joy-Con, the kick drum will sound
  • Rhythm Pattern – Freely combine rhythm patterns to put on a performance. Practice and learn a rhythm pattern. There are various patterns, from simple patterns to more difficult patterns. They are easy for beginners to get into, as well as loaded with challenging elements that even advanced users can enjoy!



Just a little more waiting time Asian folks. Gal Metal Asia Version will be out in the market very soon. Stay tuned!, Gal Metal!, Gal Metal! Nintendo Switch, Gal Metal! Japan, Gal Metal! Asia, Gal Metal! release date, Gal Metal! price, Gal Metal! gameplay, Gal Metal! features


Gal Metal! (Japanese Subs) (Nintendo™ Switch, ASIA)soon




Gal Metal will surely satisfy the inner performer in you. After all, it is all about having fun and feeling every ounce of beat you make as you perform. And, don’t forget to play the heaviest metal you know to save the planet! Rock on Hero!





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