UPDATED – Load Up And Fire Up Bullets On The Wicked Gundemoniums

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PlayStation 4™ & PlayStation Vita – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Gundemoniums is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up video game or also known as bullet hell shooters, developed by Platine Dispositif for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Systems. The game will be launching out on February 1, 2018, on Japan and it is up for pre-orders now.


The game was originally released in 2003 for PC’s followed by a sequel in 2004 titled Gundeadligne. The following year, another episode of the series was released, Hitogata Happa, it is the third entry in the game series and a prequel of sorts. In 2007, Gundemonium Recollection was released and it is the fourth game in the series. It is actually a modernized remake of the original game and appears as a retelling story of the first game, Gundemonium. Each of these games has its own level, set of characters and the alluring anime cuteness.


Gundemoniums (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 14.99 pre
Gundemoniums (PlayStation Vita, JPN)US$ 14.99 pre


The upcoming Gundemoniums for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita was based on the 2003 title of the game. The plot of the game takes place during the 18th century at a place called Schizo Tech. Alchemy was part of everyday life. In the year 1775, deep within the Spring of Yord mankind discovered the Philosopher’s Stones also known as Matrices that led to great improvements in the technology of humanity. With the Matrices being taken, the Demoniums, inhabitants of the Spring Yord located within the subterranean plane of Que Pholith who entered the human plane, started wreaking devastation on mankind.


Matrix Masters, humans who studied to harness the power of the Matrices could not completely stop the wake of the Demonium army. Humans built an artificial Matrix Master called Elixirel to try and turn the tables, they used a human soul rather than a Matrix as an energy source as the 7th wave of the Demonium army rises known as Gundemonium.


However, the Demonium succeeded to kidnap Elixirel and turn her against her inventors, making things a lot worse than you could ever imagine. In the year 1785, mankind did everything it had to try to retrieve Elixiriel as one last despairing attempt to fight against the Demonium. Fortunately, the organization known as Rosenkreuz Foundation bestowed its greatest agents in a special mission to barge in the Demonium lines and reclaim Elixirel at all costs. Among all of the agents sent, there is only one survivor who survived the initial strike and it is Eryth Millfall. The responsibility to recover Elixiriel and to defeat the Gundemonium out of the Eart is now all in her hands.


The game has its new set of characters, new systems, and full widescreen support where you can have a lot of fun playing the entire game. It offers high-speed gameplay with systems that advocate speedy attacks and quick turns. The real challenge in this game takes place in the highlighted attacks of the enemy which is known as “Bullet Labyrinths.” This overwhelming bullet attacks on the enemy will make you go dizzy as you navigate a widescreen full of bullets.


The cute anime girls are actually a good contrast with the millions of bullets flashing and striking in your screen. But setting aside the cuteness of the characters of the game, you have to focus on your aim which is to shoot all your enemies to death and win the game.


No matter how many times you will die in this game because of the stormy bullets flying everywhere, you will eventually learn from your mistakes and will then leave you startled on how you are already doing it perfectly and the best part, it will finally grant you with tons of rewards.


Shoot first, shoot fast, shoot definitely and above all else, shoot out all your enemies and stop the most powerful demon Gundemonium.




  • A new player character, a new game system, and a new enemy await the player’s challenge!
  • Quick hit speedy game development with a recommended system, run through the maze of stormy bullets and capture the impregnable Gundemonium!



Hold up, folks. This may not be a good news for all the Gundemoniums fans out there because unfortunately, there will be no physical copy release for this game. It is considered as a downloadable game rather and will only be available via PlayStation Store. However, it will still be launching out on the 1st of February exclusively in Japan.


For more details, you can visit the website of the game’s publisher, Mediascape, and developer, Platine Dispositif




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