InnerSpace: Your greatest journey is within!


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Flying Exploration

Sometimes even the most advanced civilization, suddenly cease to exist, the population disappear, and its architecture abandoned. To explain this strange but unavoidable event some people find unconventional explanations such as mass alien abduction, other ones instead find more mundane reasons such as natural disasters, climate change, internal conflicts or invasions. Anyway, this concept is primarily focused on Earthly civilizations, how about the long-forgotten cosmic ones? Discover it from January 16 with the digital only indie adventure InnerSpace for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!

Welcome to the last days of Inverse, a once flourishing world that is now dying. Hitting its zenith around thousands of years ago, the advanced civilizations who live in there built palaces of great complexity, created many alphabets and erected enormous obelisks. This epic and visually wonderful game provides a tour on every site of Inverse, as archaeologist you’ll fly across the sky and over large oceans to discover prehistoric cave, buried cities, and many other most iconic sites to understand its cultures, religions and even the common habits, exploring the unique world of InnerSpace you’ll gradually learn more about the history of the species who lived in there, but be aware that you’ll be not alone…the eternal Demigods still wander and they’re ready for anything to protect their ancient secrets!

Create your own flying vehicle adapting lost knowledge to your purposes, in this way you can reach every part of the ethereal world even the most hidden one to discover precious relics such as books, statues, and any other type of artifact through a very long journey in search for the rulers’ past, a vivid journey that can be experienced like a dramatic narrative. You’ll learn more also the accounts created by the brilliance of ancient cultures, the development of a complex language system and its impact on the society, and as Archaeologist, the difficulties in dating ancient artifacts.

Dozens of events and interactions with the ancient Demigods will provide you provide a clear map of the most important historical events of Inverse, giving you an ongoing sense of the time-flow and the cultural interconnection between different civilizations. Literatures, epic traditions, private letters and religious accounts, the result is an engrossing digital tapestry of Inverse behavior from the very beginning until the end.

Filled with a deep understanding of what it means to be an “Inversal”, InnerSpace for Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One takes us on a fantastic voyage above and under the planet in search of the reasons of the civilizations’ collapse, all packed with a great stylish graphics and a relaxing electro soundtrack like no other!


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