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Prices have been slayed!!  Get either PS4 or Nintendo™ Switch (SW) Multi-Language version at a reduced price, until 12 Jan 2017, 12pm (GMT+8).  Only while stock lasts!

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Back in 1989, SEGA releases a little game on their Sega Master System called “Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap” which received a lot of praise.  28 years later it was remastered for the current generation of gamers to experience!

The story follows Wonder-Boy (or Wonder-Girl) as he attempts to slay the Meka-Dragon.  As he defeats him he is cursed with a hideous Lizard-Man form!  He now quests for a way to undo the curse, and to do that he must slay more dragons until he is able to defeat the Vampire Dragon who holds the Salamander Cross, the only item to undo the curse.

Over the course of the game, players will be able to explore a large world with various themes like desert, jungle, cave, and sky.  The more dragons he defeats the more forms he’ll gain and each one has a unique ability to allow him to travel to places he normally couldn’t previously.  There are six forms he can assume over the course of the game, his Hu-Man form, his fire-breathing Lizard-Man form, the wall-crawling Mouse-Man form, the underwater-breathing Piranha-Man, the physically powerful Lion-Man form, and the Hawk-Man form that allows him to fly.

The game also has a very charming hand-drawn art style but if you want that retro aesthetic you can switch over to an 8-bit art style if you wish.

Go Slay them Dragon’s!


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