EU Shipping Just Got Easier

No more headaches, hidden, or extra costs!  EU taxes can now be ALL PRE-PAID!

At we are always looking for ways to improve and update our system to make it more efficient, cheaper and as easy as possible to use.  As taxes and handling charges vary per country we want to take away all the confusion and make this consistent and more cost effective for you.

Please see the following changes to our shipping rates/page that all our customers can now enjoy:-

  • Full clearance: Import Tax, customs duty – ALL NOW PRE-PAID
  • No hidden – handling fees/costs or local charges upon delivery
  • Door to door delivery – All costs included and full tracking along the way.
  • Purchasing goods will now be cheaper.
  • Much more convenient to use.
  • One click to purchase and the price you see will be final!

Just click the tax pre-paid options when checking out for the final price.   We hope the changes will make your experience and purchasing a much more rewarding one.

Thank you for your continued support!!

The Customer Care Team.

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