Reach new heights with Shu for Nintendo Switch!


Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: 2.5D Platformer

In every tradition, ancient mountains are the places of the gods, from their dwellings they affect the lives of the mortals creating natural phenomena, fulfilling the worshippers prays, and becoming destinations of spiritual journeys.
Travellers climb them to change their own lives, reach new insights discovering Gods’ earthly places and knowing fear in the encounter with the sacred.
But would you be ready to begin a perilous adventure to save your friends from a devastating storm? Well, in this case, turn on your Switch and climb the sacred mountain of Shu!

Finally, this much-awarded 2.5D indie platformer arrives on the new Nintendo console, bringing all its original style, and the fun.  You’re Shu a young boy with a huge mission to complete, the Gods who live on the ancient sacred mountain unleashed a violent storm on the territories of the mortals, tragically many people died, and the few survivors join him to reach the sanctuary, of course, more you’ll enter in the sacred realm of the Gods more the endeavors will be harder, you may be tempted to save your life, but save also other people may have its rewards…but don’t forget to reach the sanctuary quickly because even one second can mark the difference between life or death.

With the precious help of the villagers – each one with his own special skills – you must to swing, climb, run, and jump through 21 long and surprising levels that will reach you to the distant mountain stronghold of the Gods, while you exploit the unique villagers’ abilities to unveil the mountain deepest secrets.
Featuring fabulous hand-drawn art style gently adorned with a soft color toned palette, Shu for Switch is a platforming adventure game which recalls the worldwide beloved Rayman series.

Every time you’ll rescue and recruit villager, you’ll acquire a new ability, they vary from new moves such as crushing jump to inner useful skills like the possibility to walk on the water, in any case, you must to get all of them to reach the divine sanctuary, and put an end to the wrathful storm.

Cooperation is one of the best things when someone tries to save the world, grab the Joy-Cons and learn its importance with Shu, a new incredible Nindie title that you’ll let you reach new heights!


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