The VR Saloon: Races, Ghosts, and Gods on PSVR or SteamVR!

Welcome back to the VR Saloon!

In this virtual space, you’ll regularly find new games that will immerse yourself in the worlds of your favorite heroes! Take a seat, wear your VR headset, and be ready for the most immersive, visually astonishing, ooh and aah gameplay experience!
This is not a dream, this is the VR Saloon!

The Inpatient | PSVR

Welcome to the Blackwood Sanatorium, located in Blackwood Pines, Canada, since the 50s this facility served as a sanctuary for the mentally ill. The history of this isolated asylum holds fascinating stories of roaring 20s when Blackwood was a luxurious health resort and spa for the riches, and the efforts of determined individuals to help better the lives of the mentally ill people.
Rediscovered in 2015 Mike Munroe, who unveiled the secret behind the Wendigos –  humans who have been turned into cannibalistic monsters – this building burnt during that year.

But, which was the origin behind it? It’s time to return there with The Inpatient for PSVR. Set 60 years before the event occurred in Until Dawn, you’re a patient of the asylum.
The owner Jefferson Bragg is trying to recover your illness, but not all is what it seems, and his aid isn’t so unbiased.

Physical and psychological decay surrounds you, revealing threats behind every corner. You feel imprisoned while you walk along the apparently endless corridors…
Wear the PlayStation VR headset, and prepare for a disturbing journey through the intricate floors of the Blackwood Sanatorium, a place in which unimaginable atrocities have occurred in the past. Who are you? Why are you there? Interact with staff and other patients to disclose the truth, learn how each person will react to your choices, and see how they’ll affect the story giving you a REAL horrific experience.

The Inpatient for PSVR marries cutting-edge visuals with an incredible frightful storytelling to give you the ultimate experience in fear!
On January 23, the asylum will start the treatments. Check your sanity at the door!

Three Kingdoms VR Jade Knight | SteamVR

Guan Yu is maybe the most popular character of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a 14th Century historical novel wrote by Luo Guanzhong, and one of the four classical novels of Chinese Literature.
Born in Hsieh-chou, Shantung over 2000 years ago, Guan Yu became a general under the Posterior Han dynasty, he was the younger of the three sworn brothers with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei.

Taken prisoner by Hsun Ch’uan, he was executed in 220 B.C., after his death he’s supposed to extend a powerful influence for the good and the protection of China, and in recognition of his meritorious influence in 1594 he was awarded the posthumous title of God and soon after he started to be worshipped in every house with numerous temples dedicated to him throughout the whole country also as the tutelary deity of wealth and literature.

The new Three Kingdoms VR – Jade Knight  epic action game, specifically developed for HTC Vive VR headset, will bring you into the turbulent era of Han dynasty, as Guan Yu you’ll wield the legendary Dragon Crescent Blade and riding the Red Hare, the powerful steed capable of travelling 1000 li in a day, cross rivers and climbs mountains as though it is moving on flat land, you will face the greatest rival generals to unite China under the Shu scepter.

Dash, slash, clash your way across the land to enter into the legend and be recognized as the mightiest warrior of all times.

Ghostbusters is Hiring: Showdown | PSVR

Job Number       18-0109
Title                       Supernatural heavy cleaning staff
City                        TriBeCa
State                     NY

We are seeking passionate, service-oriented, positive, hard-working and experienced heavy cleaning professionals to join our team!
As a supernatural heavy cleaner, your mission is to perform a high quality and effective work that provides high-quality disinfestation services to customers houses, shops, labs, and any other units on the entire state of New York.
Along with senior colleagues, you will ensure that the cleaning of the assigned building(s) is consistently and appropriately performed pledging to respond to any emergency on a 24- hour basis and a required availability to work overtime.

• Friendly, personable & must have a great attitude
• Excellent organizational skills
• Dependable and reliable

Call Now at 1-800-555-2368!

If interested in this job offer, try our ghoulish immersive PSVR advanced training program downloading Ghostbusters is Hiring: Showdown on your PlayStation 4!

We ain’t afraid of no ghost, will you?

Neon Seoul Outrun | SteamVR

Welcome to Neon Seoul, the futuristic energetic, pulsating city where past and future coexist in exciting contrast.
Neon Seoul Outrun for Steam VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive takes place in a near future, in a Korea controlled by invasive AI that led the country to social and political strife due to the inevitable stresses that come from these harsh surveillance systems. Opposing to them, a new rebel army is born: The OutRunners!
To stop the AI influence on every day’s life of common people, they race at insane speed through the roads full automated vehicles, and risk their lives on a new kind of vehicles called hoverbikes!

With no speed limit and no rules push the hoverbike to the limit to clock up speeds of over 1,000km/h., while you running along grand royal palaces, quaint old alleyways, ancient temples, colorful markets, neon shopping districts, and verdant mountains, in Neon Seoul Outrun you’ll never run out of roads.
The VR headsets will give an authentic sense of speed and control in a racing game, and the game will give you the great opportunity to enter into an original cyberpunk world where the colors, sounds, and a sense of oppression will fuel the adrenalin rush of fighting the AI overlords in death-defying tracks!

Accelerate as much as you can to test your stamina, courage, and determination in this heart-pounding racing game which provides you an endless challenge on always new roads. Feel the rhythm of its great synthwave soundtrack, and get ready to smash, crash, and bash your way to freedom!

What do you think of the new menu of the VR Saloon? Relax, press start, and enjoy one [or more] of these games that can be yours in a blink of the eye thanks to the wide selection of instant digital cards!


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