UPDATED: Guns are Your Best Friend in The American Dream

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Samurai Punk shoots a virtual reality game about the life in America in the 1950s! The American Dream is coming to Europe this April 2018. Prepare your favorite console and your virtual reality set for this game. This satirical virtual reality game is now available for pre-order.

UPDATE: Change release date from March 2018 to April 06, 2018



American Dream is the character of the every US Citizen that everyone should have an opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. Regardless of the social struggles, life should be better when achieving the American Dream.


Do you want to achieve the ethos of every US Citizen? Well then, let’s travel back through time in the 1950s. The US in the 1950s increases their economic growth. The US in the 1950s is considered socially conservative and highly materialistic in nature. Consumerism expands throughout the country. People achieve their American Dream by buying new time-saving household appliances. The availability of wants and needs is accessible. The gradual increase of the middle class is evident. American Dream is indeed a success.


This game brings back to the 1950s of US. Live a normal US citizen, but with a twist, you must use guns in every situation. Use guns in eating, driving or working! It’s insane! The weapons are ranging from pistols, riffles, and shotguns. You will learn how to use guns for your day-to-day basis. Using your PlayStation VR, it’s your chance to live the American Dream and the American life! Experience the American life in two to three hours of playing. Guns are your best friend. It will accompany you from birth to adulthood.


Ready to load your guns as you shoot every situation in The American Dream!




  • The chance to see the world through eyes of a true American patriot
  • Over twenty heartwarming, pulse-pounding, brain-tingling, action-packed stages, each representing a key moment in the average American life
  • Immersive, interactive environments ready to meet the business end of your guns
  • The opportunity to purchase and try out a variety of firearms from common pistols to tactical sporting rifles. For every task in life, there is a suitable gun for the job!
  • The voice talents of Michael Dobson (Dragon Ball Z, DeathSpank, Sausage Party, Transformers) as Buddy Washington
  • Guns and bullets



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