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Megadimension Neptunia VIIR

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™ – US & EU


There are comebacks worth anticipating for. And 2018 paves a great road for noteworthy comebacks. And joining the bandwagon is Megadimension Neptunia VIIR. The game is now open exclusively for you!



Megadimension Neptunia VII is now making a comeback for the world to see. And this time, it is now Megadimension Neptunia VIIR. The game will be released this spring (May 11  for EU and May 8 for the US) in the west. Plus, it will now be offered for PlayStation VR!, The Inpatient, The Inpatient ps4, The Inpatient playstation vr, The Inpatient playstation virtual reality, The Inpatient usa, The Inpatient europe, The Inpatient asia, The Inpatient release date, The Inpatient price, The Inpatient gameplay, The Inpatient features




Megadimension Neptunia VIIR serves as a continuation of a long-running series that reflects the gameplay, world, as well as the characters of the gaming industry today. It features a parallel world called the “Gamindustri.” The end result of the game will largely depend on the decisions made the person behind the console, YOU! Yes, it is all about you. Hence, you are named as “The Player.” In this instance, “The Player” is celebrated by Neptune and Croire may it be in the face of success or catastrophe.


Idea Factory International and Compile Heart first developed Megadimension Neptunia VII. But tough time calls for improvements especially for the growing demands of gamers nowadays. Hence, it paves the way for Megadimension Neptunia VIIR which is an enhanced version of its 2016 predecessor. As stated, one of the noteworthy features of the game will be the compatibility with PS VR. It will definitely unlock VR events that you never knew could exist.



  • ***Please note that the screenshots are all based on Japanese version and do not represent as final ones***
  • Rendered in a new engine, you’ll experience a smoother, richer graphical experience
  • The Gamindustri Goddesses dimension-hop right into your PlayStation®VR headset! For the first time ever, you can interact with the
  • Goddesses in VR one-on-one while they explore you, The Player’s, room
  • A renovated battle system allows you to set each attack combo mid-battle and introduces new elements of strategy and resource management
  • Transform into even more powerful beings with their NEXT forms, and take control of a different set of characters who want to run Gamindustri
  • Customize your VR room’s furniture with Nep-worthy looks





Now here’s the description from the publisher themselves:


In the past, as Gamindustri possessed the technology capable of dimensional interactions, the existence of a parallel world had been confirmed via a shift in a massive amount of data acquired through dimensional observation. Having observed these worlds which possessed different realities than the current one, leading researchers hypothesised a higher dimension had intervened. As a result, one scholar’s thesis spread globally. It stated that the characteristics of the singularity created by the shift implied some sort of sentience behind the interference.

Afterwards, the people of Gamindustri likened the phenomenon to differing endings of a video game based on the person behind the controller. They deified this supposed person, granting names such as “The Player” or “The Guiding Hand.” There were even some people who thanked “The Player” when catastrophic events were resolved seemingly by chance.

Meanwhile, Croire and Neptune, using their ability to travel between dimensions, get caught up in a large incident.

It is because of this that they stumbled into the VR Dimension, where for the first time in history, they are able to contact this person, “The Player,” directly…




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