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FuRyu releases the upcoming JRPG Caligula: Overdose. This is the remake of the 2016 game, The Caligula Effect. It’s coming to Japan this May 2018 in PlayStation 4. Are you ready to play this JRPG? Pre-order is now available!



The game sets in a virtual reality called Mobius. The Mobius is a special place for those people who want to escape from reality. It is also a perfect digital world to benefit the humanity. Once people enter this world, they forget that reality exists. Regardless of their age and their gender, they turn into students. μ considers high school as the best time of human’s life. The main protagonist of the game realizes that he’s in the virtual world. He forms a Go-Home Club, the group dedicated to escaping Mobius and to μ. They oppose the Ostinato Musicians, they are the group who worships μ. They also see the Go-Home club as betrayers.


Since this is the remake of the first game, the usability is improved and also the graphics as well. Forbidden Musician Route is added. Even you are the president of Go-Home Club you can join the opposing organization. You can form a squad of musicians and battle against the Go-Home Club. There are multiple endings added on this remake version. Two new members of Go-Home Club members are added. A female protagonist is also added, so if you want to change your gender, feel free to do it!


Are you ready to escape the corners of Mobius?




  • Go-Home Club Route – In Mobius, inhabitants become their “ideal selves” that they couldn’t achieve in the real world and then repeat high school endlessly. You as “The protagonist” and his or her classmates are outsiders within Mobius that have realized the existence of a reality outside Mobius. Each student has a strong desire to return to reality for their own individual reasons, and form an organization called the “Go-Home Club” to find a way to escape Mobius in order to return to reality. As the president of the Go-Home Club, the protagonist (You), who meets another songstress named Aria and gains the power to fight, challenges the creator μ and her Ostinato Musician subordinates and will find a way to escape Mobius by any means necessary. Even if it means killing the creator that freed them from their own suffering
  • Musicians Route – The Ostinato Musicians are composers who protect μ and provide music. In order to preserve the world of Mobius, the Ostinato Musicians are trying to eliminate the disruptive Go-Home Club. The protagonist, who became the president of the Go-Home Club, meets Thorn, the leader of the Ostinato Musicians expected to be the enemy. The protagonist (You), will use your appearances as the president of the Go-Home Club pursuing μ, and as an Ostinato Musician protecting μ, to fully understand both sides of the story of Mobius, the world of happiness. And you will eventually be faced with a final decision. Betraying the trust of your comrades comes with a massive toll, and what lies ahead is…
  • Character Scenarios – In Mobius, you can become a high school students regardless of your age or gender, and attain your ideal self. In other words, your appearance and gender in Mobius is not necessarily the same as in reality. Even though they are not the Go-Home Club, the Ostinato Musicians are no exception to this fact. They also suffered in reality for their own reasons and were imprisoned by Mobius. Each has their own deep trauma and complex. Each of the Ostinato Musicians is covering up their suffering in reality, and only the protagonist (you) can get to the core of their secrets. However, if you sense danger or develop a feeling of dislike in the true nature they are about to reveal, it is not a problem to turn back. The raw pain that they display may betray the image that the protagonist (you) wanted to love and get closer to



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