The Lunar Dog is barking loud to the PlayStation 4!

The rooster is scampering off as the dog running in.!
Head over to the digital fragrant harbour of PSN Hong Kong! Chinese New Year is coming, and 2018 is the year of the dog, it’s the 11th symbolic animal of the twelve-cyclical signs, and it’s much valued for the fidelity, covering the dual role of guardian and scavenger. In Ancient China, many people believed that the coming of a dog indicated prosperity, and the oldest representation of this animal has been found on a bronze vase of the Zhou Dynasty, making it one of the most beloved creatures of the traditional Chinese Zodiac.

Celebrate with us the Chinese New Year! Until February 21st you can download hundreds of great games from the Hong-Kong PlayStation Store for insane discounts thanks to the special “Lunar New Year Sale” that will give you the opportunity to get more titles for le$$ on your PlayStation 4!

Blue Reflection – HK$373.60 (20% Off)

Strongly inspired by Magic Knight Rayearth and Sailor Moon, the concept of Blue Reflection for PlayStation 4 is a relationship-based JRPG that set up a new standard for the genre.
Hinako Shirai is a student of the prestigious Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School, a selective academy for girls aged between 14 and 18 that can give the access to the best Japanese universities such as Tokyo Daigaku and Waseda, her life changed drastically the day when she met her two new mysterious classmates: Yuzuki Shijou and Raimu Shijou. Soon after a tragic accident who caused a serious leg injury, the two sisters healed Hinako using magic, giving her also a special power that can change her into a “Reflector”. Using the magical power of the “ether” a Reflector can easily travel to different dimensions to fight the wicked beings that aim to conquer and rule over the Earth, and more a Reflector will improve her relationships with the others, more powerful spells she can cast.

Focused on the interaction between people, the characters will grow to experience many facts of the life such as friendship or separation sharing them with the classmates. Developing both skills and relationships you’ll become even stronger learning all sorts of powerful spells that can be activated using the fragments of emotions scattered in a new world which represents the human psyche.

Its turn-based battle system allows players to think of the best strategy that can save all the humankind in the fastest way, and combine their techniques, Hinako, Yuzuki, and Raimu can unleash their true power.

Unsheathe your weapon and be the ultimate worlds’ savior with Blue Reflection!

Prey – HK$214.50 (50% Off)

Access to the database/Choose Mission…

1 – Survive
2 – Unveil the dark secrets of Talos-I

Accept Mission/
□ Yes
□ No

The year 2032 – You’re Morgan Yu, a man who lives and works on the orbital space station Talos-I. His life changed forever when a horde of hostile aliens called Typhon invaded the station, and killed almost all the people in there. Who are these lethal creatures? Is there a connection between them and TranStar (the company who own the station)?

Developed by Arkane Studio (Dishonored), Prey is a first-person shooter enhanced with RPG elements, a non-linear plot, and interconnected environments full of secrets. You feel like the evil threat is tracking you, learning from you, and toying with you.
If that isn’t unnerving enough, you need to know that Talos-I is a vast place and that the aliens could be everywhere…

Is useless to say that on board you’ll find some useful items such as blueprints, gadgets, and tools, and much else…but the real question is: “Would you have enough time to check, and use them?”
The answer is up to you while you’re looking to survive to an unprecedented threat exploiting your wits and ability to improvise.

This time is war! Face the fear and stop the spread of the Typhon race once for all!

Obduction – HK$114.00 (50% Off)

This is how all is started!
I was minding my own business walking beside the lake when suddenly a mysterious organic thing falls from the sky, just after this I’ve been soon visited by aliens, who had decided to bring me on their far far away galaxy.
Now, I’m here, and I’m exploring all the Obduction worlds to find a way that could bring back me to the Earth, and why the aliens chose me…

Developed by Cyan, the studio who has created the legendary Myst, Obduction for PlayStation 4 is a unique game that will let you explore a bizarre place called Hunrath, in which pieces of Earth are fused in an alien territory.
This first-person adventure is set in a truly living world in which you’ll hear the howl of the through the tree branches, the roar of waterfalls, the flaps of never-seen-before birds, and many other odd lifeforms. Exploring every single corner of this planetary system, and solve its tricky environmental puzzles to unveil more about your current fate, and listen closely the dynamic soundtrack that will emphasize the atmosphere passing from loud music for pacey moments to relaxing piano scores when you’re alone.

Every action will have immediate consequences on the adventure, so check all the areas to discover what is changed from your previous visit, and use your imagination to solve the most difficult puzzles that you’ll find on your path.

Enter in the alienish dreamworld of Obduction, and live an out-of-this-world experience that will be kept in your mind for the next decades.

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness – HK$199.00 (50% Off)

All is set, prepare to sail among the stars with Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness.

In the Space Date 537, the humans live across the stars from many centuries to find a new planet that can be called “home”, and the peace has been never been so near.
But a glimpse of a new conflict is spreading out from the dangerous and remote planet of Feycreed, located 6,000 light years from Earth, this growing skirmishes may once again threaten the Galactic Federation and humanity’s hopes of order and peace.

Set between the second and the third episode of the series, Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is the latest episode of the worldwide beloved long space opera which blends science fiction elements with traditional fantasy genre to give you a unique JRPG experience.
With hundreds of hours of discoveries, exploration, dialogues, and hotshot battles through magnificent cities, rugged mountains, and dizzying canyons, this eternal stellar game will let you experience many different emotions thanks to its extensive well-written narrative, and the visually great anime-style cinematic footage that brings the franchise to a whole new level.

Cosmic timeline wants cosmic weapons and Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness will not disappoint you! The protagonists Fidel Camuze and Miki Sauvester will exploit every kind abilities, technologies, and obviously magic spells to maximize their potential against the belligerent Faykreedians.
Prepare to begin a new voyage at the edge of the universe, with this high pedigree JRPG developed with the highest caliber in mind!


This is just a little example of what can you find on the Hong-Kong PlayStation Store, obviously many other games and add-ons are available:

…and many others!

Check the whole catalogue of the most exuberant digital gaming event of the year clicking here, we wish the luckiest Year of the Dog! Kung Hei Fat Choi (恭喜發財) everybody!

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