Angels May Cry with Bayonetta 1+2 on Nintendo Switch!

Bayonetta 1+2

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Witchy Action Game

See the world in a very unconventional way through Bayonetta 1+2!
Mark the February 17th on your calendar because her time has come (once again) thanks to the Big N, if you’re a fan of action masterpieces you’ll be happy to know that the black dressed anti-heroine witch Bayonetta is ready to make her appearance on Nintendo Switch bringing the usual enigmatic smile on her lips and the guns in her hands, she is going to wreak havoc on the monstrous looking angels!

Originally released in 2009 for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 (Bayonetta), and in 2014 exclusively for WiiU (Bayonetta 2), this worldwide ultra beloved series created by Hideki Kamiya and developed by PlatinumGames is set in a world in which the primordial, divine being Jubileus has been revived to unite the Trinity of Realities – the three realms composed by the Land of Light, the Land of Chaos, and the Land of Darkness – and allow Paradiso – an ethereal kingdom guarded by the Angels – to rule over the universe imposing its rules to all the living beings.

Fully loaded with a fabulous ‘n epic non-stop action, gorgeous cut scenes, and stylish battles against out-of-screen angelic bosses, both the enhanced Bayonetta’s episodes will make the gameplay experience on Switch more exhilarating than ever before.
Bayonetta 1+2 will let you enter in the celestial parallel dimension, and let you experience how the Umbra’s most sensual witch can leads saints astray and angels to their doom, thanks to her mastery of bullet arts, and her heart-pounding charm!

Redefining the concept of the action game genre from the roots, PlatinumGames has created a whole universe, that has left its mark also in the animation world in which the addition of strength+style is everything.
Like any self-respecting witch, death is not the end, using her supernatural powers, Bayonetta is ready to hunts down the angelic spirits to save both her congregation and the free will of all the beings across the universe before everything’s gone!

Think strategically to unlock new magical spells, mystical power-ups, and titanic weapons to defeat legions of celestial enemies, and don’t forget that the despite all the adrenaline pumping action, you must be prepared to take each step with caution, a false move and all the realms of the Trinity of Realities will suffer the brightest period ever.

While you’re waiting for Bayonetta 3, rediscover the origins of the series with Bayonetta 1+2 for Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically!


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