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PlayStation Vita – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Konnichiwa Japanese Gamers! Developer A’sRing is currently working on their latest project that will add up to your list of Otome games titled, Enkan no Memoria Kakera Tomoshi (Memoria of a Circle) (円環のメモーリア -カケラ灯し). The developer is targeting a Quarter 1 release date for the project and it is on the 29th of March this year to be exact. The game is coming out on all PlayStation Vita Systems in Japan. Now welcome for pre-orders. Place your orders now!



Enkan no Memoria: Kakera Tomoshi (PlayStation Vita, JPN) US$ 62.99 pre







The Gods from the faraway Kingdom of Heaven, and the Gods who inhabit the earthly world, populated by humans. There are gods of wind, fire, earth, and water – Gods that dwell within nature. There are Gods that dwell in tools, and human and animal souls that have been enshrined, thus reaching holiness.

Gods have inhabited his country since ancient times. And now, in this era, besides us, we may find a new kind of Gods, born in order to protect us. The very fruit of human knowledge: Manufactured Gods.

── We humans have finally created Gods with our very own hands.


The story of the game centers on the lovely Katsuki Sayu, the protagonist of the game, and her lost memories. One day, during the summer season, Sayu decided to move back to her hometown, Shiraki, where she and her older brother, Katsuki Minato, grew up.


As she wanders through their hometown, something came up to her mind: “It’s a hazy memory, but I sort of remember the streets…


Nevertheless, Sayu continued to walk down the street with a nostalgic feeling. The death of her parents had caused her to be traumatized where she got the sudden loss of her memories from the past.


Living in Sayu’s situation is harder than you can think of. This made her very upset, but she’s still very fortunate to have her gentle brother in her life that gives her all the support and care she needed.


Because of her brother’s influence, Sayu decided to forget the past and focus on her present life, and more importantly, her future.


A week after Sayu moves, she finally adjusted herself to live in the town as well as to her new school known as Shiraki Academy. One day, a transfer student arrives and instantly approach her.


We finally meet… I’m a Manufactured God from the Haruki Shrine! In order to take back my powers, I need your lost memories! Please help me search for them!


This strange young man who calls himself a Manufactured God, Katsuki Ren, is actually an artificial God that lives at the Hanoi Shrine. He’s the reason why Sayu has lost her childhood memories. Before Ren was just an ordinary human, until he became a subject for the Artificial God Program, all of his memories of being a human were eradicated.


Ren reveals this information to Sayu. Adding up, he informs Sayu that they met when they were young and that both of their memories and his powers as an artificial God were sealed away.


Originally, Sayu doesn’t believe in things like Gods. But as soon as she learned that she lost her memories because of Ren, she somehow believed it. Plus, Sayu feels something strange whenever she’s with Ren, so she decided to go along with him in search of her lost memories.



Now, let’s get to know the characters deeper!

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So, are you ready to join Sayu and the rest of the cast in search of the lost memories? Place your orders now!




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