Friendship is Magic in Princess Connect! Re:Dive for iOS and Android

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Anime-RPG

In the beautiful world of Astraia the four races of Beasts, Elves, Demons, and Humans live together in the city of Landsol, one day you find a young prince who lost his memory, and teaming up with your allies you decide to begin a quest to regain it.
This is the journey of your life, it’s time to walk your way to unveil the secrets hidden in Astraia, and master them to save a mysterious prince from a tragic destiny!
Lace your boots, and be ready for a new fantasy adventure with Princess Connect! Re:Dive for iOS and Android!

Developed by Cygames (Granblue Fantasy), Princess Connect! Re:Dive is the sequel of Princess Connect, an RPG strongly focused on the relationships between characters originally released in 2015 for PC and iOS, the story follows the deeds of a team of a mighty warrior princesses, each one with her own unique personality, attitude, and skills, on a long hard road filled with adversities and pain.
During this adventure they’ll not only discover who they really are, but also they’ll find who they want to be and the methods to how to do it, obviously, to find their destiny the aid of friends will be very important, indeed only through relationships these heroines can be motivated to become a stronger and mature person.

Featuring more than 50 playable characters, this anime-RPG that became reality thanks to people such as the novelist Akira (Yume Nikki, Sasami-san@Ganbaranai) as story writer, the composer Kohei Tanaka (Sakura Wars) for the music, the popular WIT STUDIO (Attack on Titan) for the animation, and the voices of very popular voice actress such as Kana Hanazawa, M.A.O and Saori Hayami.
Introducing new original characters in the series while including many familiar faces from the previous episode, you’ll be surprised to see how the art quality of this game is totally similar to an AAA production anime, not only during the cut-scenes but also during the battle sessions which combines the traditional JRPG turn-based mechanics with some of the most beautiful anime-style effects ever see in a mobile game!
Throughout the journey, you will be able to decide how to react to various characters and situations that will branch out into different paths. Your choices will make all the difference; this is the central theme of the game in which every connection between the princess is very important to unlock new powers, abilities and even characters.

The totally immersive world of Astraia come to life like never before thanks to the plethora of features that rounds the experience out, such as the enjoyable background music, wide maps, and an emotionally charged story which blur the thin line between good and evil as the two interlocked concepts hang in the balance!

Trust in your friends, and create a powerful bond with your allies with Princess Connect! Re:Dive, the new anime-RPG for iOS and Android devices!


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