Go to Hell, literally, with Agony for PC!



PC Ι Genre: First Person Hellish Adventure

Considered as the final destination for some, Hell is a place of no escape, unless one determined soul decides to submit themselves through the control of the demonic jailer…
Present in all cultures and religions Hell (from Proto-Germanic haljo) indicate a place located in the underworld realm in which souls of the dead people must endure suffering and cruelty as a consequence of harmful acts committed in life.
As seen in the Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy or in the Ojoyoshu (The Essentials of Rebirth in the Pure Land) written by the medieval Buddhist monk Genshin, the punishments are specific for the sins committed in life, and the condemned are relegated to one or more chambers with different levels of suffering.
Of course, nothing is smooth, and the escape from it is practically impossible, until now…

In Agony for PC, you have the unique opportunity to escape from there thanks to your supernatural ability to control the demons that you’ll find on the long, hard, and hot road out of Hell, in this first-person horror adventure game, you’ll never know what lurks deep inside, surrounded by almost complete darkness, you will hear the screams of the condemned and hear the breathing of the devils, but you’ll never be sure of what you’ll face until it’ll be too late! Explore the underworld and interact with more souls as possible, some shy, some filthy, some vivacious, but all with a dark past to expiate, you’ll soon realize that even the harshest punishment masquerading as motivational sessions! The further you travel, the more horror you face, and in some cases low-rank demons will tell you useful advice to survive and help you to find the right path to the way out.

Full of stunning graphics, gruesome monsters and over the top battles, Agony for PC overcome the  boundaries between THIS world and THAT world, providing a pure dreadful experience that will makes your hair stand, proceeding in the adventure, you will slowly unravel the mysteries surrounding your incredible powers while a surreal sensation of horror is waiting for you to take it on!
If you’re  a hardcore fan of fright, this game will be like a feast of blood fully packed with twisted areas and mayhem to delight, in which the only exit is theoretically located thousands of miles away!

So put your best suit because you have a date with the devil!
Pre-order the digital version of Agony for PC and prepare to have the most frightful game experience of your [after]life, so immersive that you’ll wonder if it’s reality or fiction!
If you dare step further into this nightmare, push the button here below…you’ve been warned!


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