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PlayStation Vita – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


This comedy dating visual novel game is coming to Japan this March 2018. Kanojo *Step was first released on PC, but it’s coming to PlayStation Vita. This game is published by GN Software. Are you ready to laugh and also be mesmerize with these bishoujo teenagers in this game? Pre-order is now available!



Japan really loves bishoujo characters, right? These beautiful ladies can swoon men everywhere. I know some of you are unfamiliar with the word bishoujo, here’s the meaning below!

Bishōjo (美少女, literally “beautiful girl”, also spelled bishoujo) is a Japanese term for a beautiful young girl, usually below young adult age. Bishōjo is not listed as a word in the prominent Japanese dictionary (Kōjien). A variant of the word, biyōjo (美幼女) refers to a beautiful girl before the age of adolescence. – Wikipedia


Here’s the overview of the game via VNDB:

The protagonist has moved too many counts to count and this time, he has ended up in his grandmother’s minshuku located in Shirasagi, a rural town situated near the mountains. His sister told him that this was their last move, and after he graduates from school, he will be free to do as he wishes. After suppressing his feelings of love until now, he sets out to pursue his first love.  – VNDB

These are the main bishoujo characters of this game! See their brief information below.

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You are given a scenario and response in three choices to the heroine. Your choice does matter because it will raise the affection for the heroine. When the affection increases, it will make a sound by a jingle sound and also a flashing of hearts appear. When you select the wrong option, the chosen heroine will be impossible to make fall in love., Kanojo *Step, Kanojo *Step PlayStation Vita, Kanojo *Step Japan, Kanojo *Step features, Kanojo *Step gameplay, Kanojo *Step release date, Kanojo *Step price, カノジョ*ステップ


We have a Limited Edition of the game. It’s also available for pre-order.


Box contents

  • PS Vita Game: Kanojo * Step
  • School Calendar 2018
  • Original T-shirt



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