A Blood-Sucking Love Adventure In Diabolik Lovers: Grand Edition

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Are you brave enough to step into a world full of vampires? Will it ever creep you if the vampires that you will encounter along the way are good-looking? Now, you are remembering Edward Cullen of Twilight, right? Well, if you are willing to dive into this kind of bittersweet experience, this game is for you buddy.

The extremely sadistic blood-sucking love adventure by Idea Factory is coming to the PlayStation 4 to bring the thirsty vampire bachelors into your home screens. The upcoming game is expected to have its release date on the 29th of March this year.

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Diabolik Lovers: Grand Edition will include two games in the series such as Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition which was originally released in 2013 in Japan and Diabolik Lovers: More, Blood Limited V Edition released in January 2015.

The story of the game focuses on the protagonist of the game named Komori Yui who is an average high school student. However, when she was still a little child, strange things occurred in her life. Horrifyingly, she has the ability to see ghosts and poltergeist appearances happening around her.

Courageously, she disregarded these supernatural phenomena and stick to her motto in life which is to always look at the brighter side of life. As years passed by, she moved to a school in another town due to her father’s relocation. During that time, she’s in her second year of high school already.

Her new school is known as Ryoutei High School which is a nighttime school for performers and celebrities. But behind its discernable splendid appearance, sinister rumors about it is still the talk of the town.

Terrifyingly, there is this one rumor that one student was believed to be attacked by a vampire. Despite the fact, Komori Yui continued to transfer to the said town and live with her fathers’ relatives. However, even in the town, there are tales about a Haunted House where six frightful brothers live.

And, as the story progress, Komori is suddenly living with those six rumored brothers that possess strange personalities. And the most frightening truth is that they are not human. Because of this, Komori is facing a new chapter in her life filled with worry and extreme fear.

Now, let us take a closer look at the game characters!

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  • Title selection – You can choose the title you want to play on the title selection screen
  • Character selection – After playing the game prologue, choose a character and advance the story. The playable characters will increase depending on the gameplay progress
  • Scenarios – There are three scenarios in the story which are “Dark, “Maniac” and “Ecstasy”. To unlock the scenarios you must increase the degree of SM in the gameplay progress and you will have the ending by completing all the scenario
  • Degree – There are two kinds to choose, the “Degree of Love” that shows familiarity with the characters. On the other hand, the “Degree of SM” which changes depending on the story’s progress
  • Keyword Selection – This appears in the last epilogue of the scenario. If you select the correct word preferences related to the character, you will be able to play the “Heaven Scenario” can be found in the “Special” section on the main menu


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