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Nintendo™ Switch – USA –  COMING SOON!


Brace yourselves to get all soaked up with Zordix AB and Bigben Interactive GmbH watercraft racing video game, Aqua Moto Racing Utopia! The game is seemingly ready to make a splash on all of the Nintendo Switch Consoles in the United States. However, there is no official announcement of the release date yet and is still closed for pre-orders. So, stay tuned folks for more updates.





The game features several challenging gaming modes where players can freely choose their desired tone of gameplay that will best suit their skills and abilities. It includes Championship, Freestyle Championship, Custom Race, Freestyle, Time Trial, Leisure, and Party Games.

Race through the big waves, small waves and show off your death-defying stunts as you immerse yourself in the 12 championships and 50 races featured in the game. As you strive to boost your ability beyond its limit to pass all of your opponents up to the final stretch, you will encounter 10 mesmerizing environments inspired by real-life landscapes. That counts the mighty Amazon River, the warm tropics, Greece, the Atlantic port, mangrove swamplands, and Mediterranean coastline.

Plus, you can enjoy witnessing these wonderful sceneries together with 3 of your friends in the four-player local split-screen multiplayer mode of the game.

And, there are 28 death-defying stunts for you to master using one of the 44 powerful stand-up and sit-down jet skis featured in the game. But, in order for you to have these cool jet skis, you have to unlock them first through winning competitions.

So, hone your watercraft racing skills and unleash all your might here in Aqua Moto Racing Utopia to be the King of Watersports!



  • 7 game modes: Championship, Freestyle Championship, Custom Race, Freestyle, Time Trial, Leisure, Party Games
  • 10 exotic environments based on real places: the Amazon, Greece, a mangrove swamp, the tropics, the Mediterranean coast, an Atlantic port, etc
  • 50 races in 12 championships, in the runabout, ski and freestyle divisions – jump to the top spot on the podium
  • 44 stand-up and sit-down jet skis to unlock by winning competitions
  • 28 stunts to perfect
  • Split-screen multiplayer, for even more fun, when you play with 3 of your friends



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