Experience the other side of history with WorldNeverland for Switch!

WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Simulation RPG

Normally the Middle Ages are often misunderstood as a dark period of ignorance, illness, and poverty. But, if you look beyond the abstract dates and the long list of kings and queens that ruled over the centuries, you’ll find a vivid account full of creativity, uniqueness, and depth. This is the tale of the so-called ordinary people. A vast history where the whole humankind is the absolute protagonist. Inside it, the limits of the social setting vanish to highlight the stories of real individuals.
But how to live all of this in this age? Well, the solution will arrives on March 15. Indeed on that day, the massively popular WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom will be released for Nintendo Switch!

Originally appeared in 2016 for iOS and Android as a free-to-play game, WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom is set in a fantastic reign strongly inspired by medieval architecture and lifestyle.  In there, you’ll live the greatest adventure of all time…your own story!
This version is something of completely new in the WorldNeverland series. Featuring a more user-friendly interface that allows you to keep under control all the parameters very easily. Downloading it from the Nintendo eShop, you’ll enter in the fantastic realm of  WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom. Play it offline, and begin a brand new life experience on your Switch.

Travel far and wide across the kingdoms, visit the castles, and meet new friends. As in the real life, throughout your journey, new characters, lands, and new challenges will be revealed. Do everything to gain consideration among the people or keep a low profile to live a life apart from the others. In any case, the decision is up to you. Everything is customizable, allowing every creation within your world to have a unique lifestyle.

Providing an infinite combination of stories, WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom for Nintendo Switch will allow you to prepare healing potions, arrange a royal wedding, conquer new territories on the battlefields, or even observe the distant region of the Solar System to find never seen before planetary bodies. Every session will require a different gameplay approach, making it a virtually eternal title.
Be rich to build the house of your dreams. Get stylish furniture and rare fabrics to decorate it. Put together thousands of outfits assembling clothes and accessories with good taste. If you have a green thumb, go to live in the countryside to plant and harvest crops
And if this is not enough, expand your knowledge to visit faraway lands, discover more materials to craft, and above all pass your legacy to your child to create a dynasty.

Very far from all you’ve played until today, WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom for Nintendo Switch is a long strategy game mixed with a great RPG gameplay. Presented with a range of fantasy settings, it’ll surprise you with its touch of originality. Crossing all the genres, this title offers an unpredictable experience which makes it a story spanned along multiple generations.
Discover what it means to be human, making this digital-only adventure a journey with an infinite range of possibilities!


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