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PlayStation Vita – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Kon’nichiwa, Japanese Gamers! (こんにちは 日本のゲーマー ) The romance adventure game of Purple Software and Prototype, Amatsutsumi is getting a port to the PlayStation Vita! Discover the real power of the protagonist, Makoto and join him in his journey in the outside world.

Coming out on May 17, 2018! Avail now through pre-order and witness the struggles and romantic adventures of Makoto.



Back in 2016, Amatsutsumi is a PC game. And now, the PC visual novel game is heading to PlayStation Vita in its better version. The upcoming game will feature a large number of brand-new event CGs designed for an ultimate gaming experience.

The story of the game focuses on its protagonist named, Makoto Obe. Makoto is a descendant of a so-called “spirit” where he inherited his special ability. However, Makoto is not your typical powerful superhero. Rather, Makoto possessed a power known as “Kotodama.”

This power gives Makoto the capability to manipulate people by just using his own voice. Despite the fact that he was blessed with this unusual power, he is still vexed with his own life.

As the story progress, Makoto discovered to himself that he has this huge ambition to live and explore the outside world. However, he has no knowledge at all what is it like to live in the other world. Out of curiosity, he escaped the hidden village where he and his family live.

Makoto successfully got out of their village and finally arrived in the outside world. But, since he is not used to be living by himself, he ended up fainting somewhere on the street.

Fortunately, a girl named Oribe Kokoro who lives in a nearby street came across and helped him. Oribe took Makoto to her home and surprisingly, Makoto started to like living in with her. They both go to school and Makoto started to meet a lot of different girls. From that day on, Makoto’s life started to change.


So now, it is time for you to meet the characters of the game!


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  • Added a fascinating drawing and visual! – Added beautiful event CG that will color the world of Amatsutsumi even more vivid!
  • Touch screen compatible! – In addition to traditional button operation, any function such as message sending, choice decision, fast forward & rewind, choice jump, etc. can also be applied to the touchscreen. Plus, it can also be played comfortably with intuitive operation unique to PS Vita
  • PS Vita TV compatible! – Also fully compatible with PS Vita TV. Enjoy playing Amatsutsumi on a large screen through connecting to your TV
  • Approximate color taste of PC version “Tint adjustment function” – Travel back the good old days of playing Amatsutsumi to your PCs by adjusting the color shade of your choice. With this feature, Amatsutsumi brings you closer to its original PC version!


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