Go fiery with Shining Resonance Re:frain for PS4!

Shining Resonance Re:frain

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Action-JRPG

Started in 1991 with Shining in the Darkness for Sega Megadrive. The Shining series has spanned almost every game-style of the huge JRPG genre. From the first person dungeon crawler to the pure strategy passing through Action-RPG chapters.
The latest episode of this worldwide acclaimed long-running series will arrive on March 29th exclusively on PlayStation 4. Enter into a fantastic world of Heroes & Dragons with Shining Resonance Re:frain!

Ancient legends tell about a continent called Alfheim. Known also as “Land of Gods”, this prosperous land was also famous for its special inhabitants: dragons.
Reaching the end of their very long life, the last two examples perished. Their souls were crystallized and dispersed all over the world. What that books don’t say is that one other powerful dragon called Yuma survived, and the evil Empire joined the forces with the highest religious officers to capture it for their vicious purposes against the peaceful kingdom of Astoria.
To prevent the destruction of her domain and to set free an innocent creature, Sonia, the pure princess of Astoria, hired the elite Dragoneers squad for accomplishing this risky mission, and then Yuma decides to join the Astoria’s cause helping it in battle…this is his story!

Magnificence, deception, magic, and retribution! These are the key concepts behind Shining Resonance Re:frain for PlayStation 4. Originally released for PlayStation 3, this new installment is the remake of Shining Resonance. Revamped with a state of the art graphics, re-recorded triumphant music, and new exciting features such as the “Refrain Mode”. This wonderful Action-JRPG unleash its extraordinary powers also on current generation consoles. Indeed other than PlayStation 4, it has been announced also for Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One X.

As a dragon, the main mighty character Yuma Ilburn can fight using all of his huge power. Bringing all you can expect from a fiery monster, you must be careful to don’t harm your allies when he changes into his true legendary form. Luckily your companions know how to placate his rage performing the mystical Rune Songs- They can soothe the rage and let return Yuma to the human form.
Playing the fabulous Armonics, the Dragoneers will be able to perform dozens of different songs. Each one will improve the characteristics of the party dropping all those enriching positive effects that only the art can provide.

Building a strong relationship with your allies and you’ll be rewarded. Shining Resonance Re:frain for PlayStation 4 is more than a simple Action-JRPG. Thanks to its deep bonding system your conduct with the others will affect the in-battle performances. Each character is a person with a peculiar personality. Be friendly and they’ll be happy, be aggressive and they won’t be ready to help you. Obviously, you decide which behavior is the best. But, remember that keep a gentle approach with the other – especially in Night Events and Dates – can help you to avoid many embarrassing situations.

Experience an unconventional adventure with brand new “Refrain Mode” feature. This “what if” additional story created specifically for this episode tells the tale of Excela Noa Aura – a high-level dragon knight, who wants to make Yuma her own loved one – and Jenius Aeon – a skilled lonely swordsman who slain dragons for life -.
This special mode will give you the unique opportunity to explore how the main story might have unfolded if these two characters joined Yuma from the very beginning of the adventure.

With its incredibly diverse cast of characters, and an arsenal of unique weapons & spells, Shining Resonance Re:frain for PlayStation 4 is a new epic tale of magic and mystery that will keep in your hands, mind, and heart the fate of a whole world.
Begin this new astounding quest of heroes, hope, and destruction both digitally or physically!


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