The Charming Empire: the rƎVO⅃ution is coming on Switch!

The Charming Empire

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Otome Game Ι US$24.99 / 2980JPY

Begun in 1912, the Taishō period has been an era of profound changes in the lives of Japanese people. Even if it has only covered 14 years, many thought and cultural phenomena spread out among the common people helping the country to become a modern one.
Some of the most interesting trends of those years – which is popular also nowadays – were the so-called “Taishō Roman” (大正 ロマン).
Strongly influenced by the European Romanticism movement, in this new era, the ideals of individual freedom were very popular. Originally born in literary and art circles, with authors such as Natsume Soseki and painters like Takehisa Yumeji.
Living an incredible development of print, movies, transportations, and communications technology, millions of modern boys and girls could experience an explosive growth of opportunities for ordinary people. For the first time, the cultural aspects were no longer confined to intellectuals or members of the upper classes.

On March 29th, D3 Publisher will let you live this golden age of Japanese history with The Charming Empire (a.k.a. Teikoku Kaleido -Banka no Kakumei-)!
Amane Kosaka is a cheerful girl and beautiful girl who lives in the countryside, one day her older brother Soshi bring Amane in the capital city of the Empire to start a new privileged life in there. Inside the royal palace, Amane will soon discover that the situation in there seems not so joyful as she was expected. Indeed, a secret organization is trying to acquire even more power. They aim to rule over the country, exploiting Soshi’s vulnerability. Only the love can save the Empire, victory over those evil shadowy organization is just a heart’s palpitation away.

Charmingly illustrated by Mitsuya Fuji.  In this lovely otome game, you’ll play with five different stories. Choose between Yoshimine Kei – Amane’s private tutor -; Koichiro Sera – the heroine’s bodyguard -; Tanba Toki – a friendly café owner -; Togawa Kagemitsu – the childhood best friend of Amane and Soshi -; and Soshi Amazaki – protagonist’s brother and undisputed ruler of the Empire -; to unveil the most obscure secrets of these guys and the reasons behind the political conspiracy currently in process.

Thanks to its unique sociological approach – this game shows how the disparity between the rich and poor grows larger day by day – and its concepts of strong connections and unspoken love bonds The Charming Empire for Nintendo Switch will let you be completely absorbed and enamored both of the deeply emotional multiple branched stories and the high-quality visuals & music.
Enjoy it in Japanese or English, while you listen the fantastic dubbed dialogues performed by legendary seiyū personalities included Tetsuya Kakihara (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn), Takuya Eguchi (Sword Art Online, Haikyu!!), and Kenjiro Tsuda (Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul √A).

Taking the otome adventure genre into the charming and stylish age of Taishō Roman, The Charming Empire for Nintendo Switch will let you feel the burden of sacrifice. In this adventure, the true love is necessary to fulfill the fate of the Empire!
Spread your feelings everywhere discovering this digital-only adventure on Japanese or US Nintendo eShop!


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