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Join forces with your favorite characters from Weekly Shōnen Jump, and battle against gorgeous gals to have a wonderful game time on your mobile devices with these new & great titles for iOS and Android.
Explore vast manga universes in search of heroes that can defeat the Demon King or run at the speed of light in extreme arenas to fight against powerful foes. You can do all of this (and much more) everywhere with your mobile devices.

Thanks to the iTunes and Google Play Instant Digital Cards new exciting adventures are at hand!

Jumputi Heroes

There are places in the Shōnen Jump universe where the mightiest heroes of the world can indulge in a fully relaxing time. One of them is surely the renowned Jumputi Island. This a paradisiac place where they can immerse themselves in endless white beaches, crystal sea, a sparkling sun, lush vegetation and good vibes. Jumputi Island will immediately seduce with its splendid sceneries, legendary rocky peaks, and ancient relics. All gently mixed with the friendly and smiling style of the Islanders.
But, obviously, there’s no time for true action heroes to relax. Indeed, one bad day the long-forgotten Demon King awoke from his sleep of ages bringing an unsolicited chaos all over the Island.
Son Goku, Hitomi Kisugi, Cobra, and many other personalities are ready to bust their brains to take back the peace on there, and continue to enjoy the well-deserved relax!

Released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the magazine, Jumputi Heroes for iOS and Android is a extremely colorful and challenging puzzle-adventure game in which the SD version of the superstars from 29 different manga series included Dragon Ball, One Piece, Saint Seiya, Cat’s Eye must explore the whole island in search of the Demon King defeating his minions with a brain war alone or with up to 4 friends.
Despite the majority of these type of adventures, in Jumputi Heroes for iOS and Android heroes and villains must rack their minds to the limit to unite the spheres of the same color to perform an attack. More spheres will be linked and more powerful attacks will be released. Anyway, if normal attacks aren’t effective as expected, you can also launch special ones that will eradicate your opponents in a very fast way.

Announced as the greatest Jump crossover mobile game of all time. In Jumputi Heroes you can unlock new abilities, characters, items and much more that can’t be grabbed in any other way through the smart and cheap iTunes, and the Google Play Digital Cards!
Even if portrayed with an adorable chibi-style, all the characters are faithfully reproduced from the paper counterparts, especially as regards powers, abilities, and skills!

What is waiting for? In case you love Japanese Pop-Culture and challenging puzzle games, don’t miss to download this game. Thanks to its addictive gameplay system and the unique cast of superheroes Jumputi Island is the ultimate crossover game for all iOS and Android devices!

Doll’s Order

King Arthur is one of the most famous names in history!
Evoking emotions of bravery, power, and justice. The myth of this legendary King is very popular even today. It enthralls generations of people who found in him an inspiration to survive in these chaotic times. Globally respected since 5th century this British charismatic leader is also a pop-cultural icon appearing in hundreds of books, movies, comics, and games!
Even if he’s often considered a myth. Many people are still searching for the truth about the Knights of the Round Table, and on the historical king who has inspired the Arthurian tales that inspired Chretien de Troyes, Sir Thomas Mallory, and Walt Disney.
But what if King Arthur myth would be transferred in a far future? A future in which mechs are commonly used on the battlefield? Well, the Japanese company Gumi has answered at this question developing Doll’s Order for iOS and Android!

In this ultra-fast 2vs2 action battle game Arthur is an AI system. Its duty is to solve the most important problems of humankind. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can find the best solution for wars, poverty, pollution, etc.
One day, after finishing to examine a huge amount of data, Arthur decided that the best way to solve these problems is to eradicate humans. Activating its mecha soldier – the advanced Doll – it started its elimination project. Luckily for us, the Doll called Lancelot opposed to Arthur’s directive. Starting to protect people with the aid of other mecha knights.
Now the Earth is only a huge wasteland! Lancelot has now the chance to become the supreme ruler of the world…

Designed by Seiji Mizushima (Full Metal Alchemist), Doll’s Order for iOS and Android is a high-speed mech-on-mech fighting game that blazes through its addictive gameplay and epic battles!
Featuring a hyperkinetic frenzied gameplay, 20 unique characters, a state of the art anime style graphics, and a plethora of jaw-dropping SFX this game is enriched with a first-class cast of seiyū like Rie Kugimiya (Tokyo Ghoul, MS Gundam 00) and Ai Kayano (Girls und Panzer, Senran Kagura) all these ingredients has been carefully cooked to pop out one of the best mobile games of the year.

Venture deep into the Coliseums to face the world’s toughest Dolls. Use all of your arsenals to fight your way and establish a new, fair government both for humans and androids.
With an incredible implementation of lasers, sharped blades, and missile cannons these fearless mechs will easily prove their battle prowess for the sake of the planet.
Slam the foes! Hang on for a wild hi-tech war across the planet with Doll’s Order for iOS and Android!

Are you ready to begin a new adventure everywhere you are? Well, in this case, don’t hesitate to download these great new titles from the Japanese App Store and Google Play. Push the button below to unlock new characters, abilities, items, and weapons that will make your missions a little easier!


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