Project Nimbus: Code Mirai – Fight your way for the world’s sake on PS4!

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Mechs Action Game

Thursday, Apr. 12 – Children of Fallen Nations Battle Frames resumed their night patrol over the CFN (Coalition of Free Nations) territories early this morning. Returning after a day in which they had raided the Ecuador orbital elevator near the metropolitan area and hit several surrounding factories in the valleys. They dropped high-explosive and incendiary missiles causing casualties and starting fires.
From windows in our blacked-out office shortly after 2 am five big fires could be seen in the distance.
The mechs also attacked a densely populated district before the sirens sounded and most of the residents were caught unprepared. At least 70 people were killed outright, and several others were seriously injured by the fire that broke out. Search parties worked since the early hours looking for victims under wrecked buildings. Many who escaped with their lives lost all their belongings in the attack. So far, the official notice says that at about 100 families were made homeless in another zone as a result of the morning’s attack.
A fleet of M5 Viper Battle Frames is actually toward the terrorist organization’s headquarter in Central Asia. They’re ready to strike a huge attack!

This extract has been taken from a newspaper of the year 2070. Since decades a galactic war between 3 factions spread both on the Earth, making its surface nothing but a toxic wasteland. Due to this tragic event, the planet became unsustainable for human life, and governments created space colonies capable to host billions of people. To let work these cities above the clouds, engineers developed a particular kind of orbital elevators that give the needed energy to make them fly continuously.
But, all of this didn’t put an end to the conflict. With the technology improvements, each faction has created its own army of Battle Frames, giant war mechs that have replaced tanks and planes both in offensive and defensive operations.

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai for PlayStation 4 tells the story of four of the most legendary war aces. Col. Andei Dmitriv – Commander of the Spetsnaz 2nd Battalion -; Lt. Yuliana Alexandrova – a genetically enhanced supersoldier -; Lt. Col. Esmeralda Ingrid – Commander of the MITHRILL Faction -; and Mirai Iwata – a young, innocent girl which has been forced to battle -. Piloting their own Battle Frame mech, these living legends will fight their way to build and keep a new future for all the humanity!
Inspired by series such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, and Armored Core, Project Nimbus: Code Mirai is an incredibly fast and addictive action game that catapults you into a not-so-far future.
Featuring 16 exciting missions set both on Earth and in outer space, more than 12 unique mechs – each one equipped with a huge arsenal -, and complex story in which new alliances and betrayals are daily matters, this game for PlayStation 4 is literally an out-of-this-world title!

Struggle for supremacy! More powerful than ever, all of these next-generation machines warriors can lead your faction to the victory. Run, blast, and dash! Crush your enemies with awesome Super Attacks. Be prepared for a post-modern armageddon that will let reduce your thumbs a molten mass of twisted flesh.
Enter in the mech cockpit to fight your own digital-only war with Project Nimbus: Code Mirai for PlayStation 4!


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